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Posts posted by yojoedude

  1. 19 minutes ago, Nodemaster said:

    kay i was in need of 3 different script and ive ended up buying all 3

    1. was a script that would host commission staking for me back in 2014, yes i was one of those dickheads who paid 800m 07 to host and it paid off actually quite well considering i could bot it for 20 hours a day and averaged 4.5m hour and 10-40m / hour if i had good "whale" bettors

    2. whiteberry collecting script

    3. raw karam collector,

    The first script was obviously the most expensive being like 150 US in total and it took 3 day to complete, people on tribot quoted me at 450 deposit just to start@@@@

    whiteberry script was quoted 85 not including updates on tribot and i got it for 25 elsewhere, 100% private and updates included

    raw karam was quoted 150 and i got it for 40 elsewhere.

    I speak from experience, Private scripts on tribot are too expensive 

    A lot of time goes Into script upkeep. How long were they covered for?

  2. 19 minutes ago, killer347 said:

    one more question, what is the purpose of the looking glass? like im using it now but i dont get the function of it

    It runs your bot through a client normally used by players (osbuddy/Firefox) 

  3. 2 minutes ago, realWhatislove said:

    Sorry for the stupid question. When I opened my third bot at the same time today I got a message that the heap memory is only set to 512 MB which will cause the bot to crash after 3 hours or so. How can I adjust this allocation? 

    Thank you.

    Close tribot and re-open it, on the initial page with your login info it has the option to set it as you please.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Maddew said:

    Hey all, I used to bot a very long time ago but never had the $$$ available as a youngin' to purchase VIP bots such as this one and would like to dabble in it once more, but basically I was reading all about Human Mouse data and how it is very effective at helping to keep your bot under the radar, I was just curious as to how I get my hands on it, or how I know its working?

    (I know I need to have purchased VIP-E, but I couldn't really find a very informative thread on the forums about how to actually implement it or how it works for each kind of script or if it's just embedded into the tribot client itself)

    Any information would be helpful, or if someone has a link to an explanation somewher else on the forums, thanks all!

    Human mouse movements are automatically implemented when using tribot as a VIP-E! The client handles it all for you.

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  5. 3 hours ago, 93149649 said:

    remuneration:pay 30-50M osgp  every script.   i need two scripts.

    content:hunter and thieving script. i need a long term Scripter.

    Contact information:skype:qq86015866

    Private scripts must be paid for in credits through the repository and can only be made by premium scripters. Depending on the type of script - they can reach far higher then $50 each 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Xeriant said:

    I have 7 proxies saved and running properly, but I am trying to add more. Initially it saves properly, but when I launch a new applet it reverts the the old settings. Is there a limit on the number of saved proxies via client?

    I'm not sure why that would happen, maybe try deleting proxies.dat and proxies.ini from your tribot folder under settings and start the list fresh.

    To answer your other question: I don't believe there is a limit, but if there is it's far more then 7 :P

  7. 11 minutes ago, leoshiro said:

    so one of my accounts which i've saved their info in the account manager got hacked, others did not, and i cannot seem to recover it i have entered every information possible

    but it seems that theres no way, its like a 3 month old account, anyway how can i secure my dedi server? i've asked my host and they didnt provide any information and also was wondering how can i change my SSH/VNC passwords?

    If setup with fluffees - go to putty (or on server terminal) log in with the account you created and use the command 

    for ssh pass - passwd

    for vnc - vncpasswd 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, theodorless said:

    I will definitely give them a chance (in the future).  Ive heard its a great bot.  As for now though, I didnt use the software that I bought.  

    Did you pay for VIP? That was extended for the time the bot was down? If you only purchase credits they should still be available for you.

    Tribot is a great bot, I would try it if I were you. Charging the payment back will get you banned.

    My parents have a bread maker they have never used. That's their fault, they don't get a refund because they didn't use what they paid for.

  9. 37 minutes ago, guywithlsd said:

    where you got this information from? as my expierence says different things.

    Well jagex tracks creation IP -we know this for a fact. So switching to a proxy would make a clear link between the two IPS.

    Every guide to do with proxys tell you to create the account on a proxy and I would suggest the same.

  10. 3 hours ago, dannybazzer said:

    If you use looking glass... And osbuddy as client running for lg and you put an ip in tribot does that then change the up from osbuddy or would jagex see both ips? @TRiLeZ

    If you open a lg tab, then select a proxy for the tab it will proxy the osbuddy client it's linked to. 

    You can test by making a fake proxy (random numbers) and set the tab to your fake proxy. Once it's set you won't be able to open the world select page or login proving it's proxied.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, daledd said:

    In my opinion looking glass doesn't do anything. If Jagex was able to detect bot clients then we would all be banned already. 

    They will ban us al eventually, it's just how long it takes :P

  12. 12 minutes ago, timschouten said:


    as my computer runs pretty slow while using looking glass mode, compared to the normal mode on daxhunter, I was wondering how much the ban rate increases by running LG, instead of normal. Does the ban risk improve a lot, or doesn't it matter that much?

    Kind regards,



    1 minute ago, gosubear said:

    From my understanding the LG mode is used for when Jagex tries to "sense" a third party program (TriBot) running instead of a runescape program. LG makes it so its possible to run scripts while "using" the original runescape loader. Meaning if they "scanned" our computer for a third party program it will just sense the runescape loader. From my experience, LG and regular seems to be the same ban rates. It all just matters about how much precautions you take while botting. ie. break handler, how long per sessions, proxies or not (Recommend having proxies if multiple bots), the script structure (how good anti-ban is). Most of the scripters are very talented and can make you a lot of OSRS GP and will be glad to help with any problems with script like @Worthy @tri and many others. Hope this clarifies it. Maybe someone else can be more in-depth with the explanation.

    All I can tell you is my experience, and that is my bots last 30x longer with lg. Bots lasting for months makes the extra CPU usage worth, in my opinion.

  13. 1 minute ago, Riley said:

    Can't see the guide yet guessing cus I'm not VIP, does it work with Konduit client?

    Ahh, sorry - that guide is a VIP only guide. As for konduit I'm not sure.

    If your serious about botting you want VIP-e regardless of it you use lg or not

  14. 4 minutes ago, moisttowel said:

    So my account that's fairly important to me is already flagged and had a temp ban is there any point in getting a proxy to bot on it anymore or just bot on same IP and risk it?

    Running it on a proxy will not help anything. A account has to be created and run on a fresh proxy for it to be effective. Changing the proxy it runs on will only link the two ip's.

    If the account is important I would stay clear of botting on it or the IP it's associated with

  15. 5 minutes ago, Riley said:

    I wanna try out LG cus I finally understand that it doesn't seem hard to use.  Do I have to be VIP Extended or just VIP and once I am one of those what steps do I take from there to set it up?

    You will need VIP-E, however that comes with quite a few great features. Including human mouse movement, proxy usage and lg.

    Basically make sure you have the newest java jdk installed (and selected when starting tribot)

    have whatever client open you wish to hook to (osbuddy/Firefox) 

    wait until tribot has fully loaded its standard client fully, then starts LG client - it should hook with your Firefox/osbuddy and your good to go!

    here is a guide if you need more detail: