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  1. yojoedude

    |w| Zulrah Slayer V2 [BETA]

    Congrats on release! I need to get my hands on this.
  2. yojoedude

    Not manager

    TeamViewer works pretty well. You have some basic control of the computer as well. Computer has to stay active though, can't sleep or the app won't work.
  3. Have you tried dedicated servers Rohm? If your using LG I highly recommend them over VPS.
  4. yojoedude

    Cant stop atleast a few of my clients from freezing!

    Well I think I have it resolved. I did get JDK on my dedicated server, which did make the clients run more smoothly, but I still had frozen screens after that. So I tried just leaving the client up (I always minimize the tribot/osbuddy clients just to reduce a little CPU, and it seems to have worked. Havent had a client freeze since.
  5. hey guys, recently iv run into some trouble with freezing. I am using LG, and iv tried both firefox and osbuddy (lowest settings) I am running the bots on a dedicated server and it is not even close to maxing out on CPU. Iv tried a few things with no success, and it doesnt effect all clients running. They are all working 100% when i leave them, but come back to a frozen screen. Client seems to keep running (based on what was frozen on the screen to when i re-started the bot) but it definitely didnt keep going for too long. Would it help to run multiple tribot clients with less accounts per client? I tried freezing graphics with no success. Any ideas? Thanks guys.
  6. yojoedude

    Running LG with different client than normal?

    It does work yes, but the bot still draws CPU, just not as much.
  7. yojoedude

    1st time tribot user suggestions

    This is true, there are a TON of threads about LG, there is a TON of information on it. However not everyone digs into forums, even if its not too deep. When I saw LG in posts I had no idea how much of a impact it makes, all I knew was it was harder to setup, so I didnt bother. I think it would be a great thing to have it listed on the pricing page under VIP extended options and have a link to a explanation with some information on how powerful it is. Then even people new to the site, or people who dont go into the forums can see it, and read about it immediately. I would imagine that would reach the most people, as everyone views that page at one point in their time here at tribot.
  8. yojoedude

    1st time tribot user suggestions

    I agree with maybe some more newbie education on it, I was ready to call botting quits before I found LG. Looking glass runs your bots through a game client like osbuddy, or internet browser like Firefox. It makes bot detection crazy hard, and it seems that only player reports and manual bans seem to get people using it.
  9. Gotcha, I didn't think it did, but now that you've explained that option it makes more sense.
  10. Does this script change attack styles? I see the option to turn changing attack styles off, but iv never seen it change attack styles. I don't run the bot for extended times, so maybe I haven't let it run long enough to switch, but I generally switch the attack styles myself.
  11. yojoedude

    Running LG with different client than normal?

    You can use Firefox instead of osbuddy, but in my testing it uses at least 15% more CPU. As for if LG is worth it: I personally can't believe the difference. I haven't been botting long, but I had 7 bots banned in 3 days without. Now with LG I'm going on 3 weeks with 1 ban. it uses far more CPU, but for the type of bot farmer I am I prefer quality over quantity. My computer couldn't handle more then 3 LG clients, but I've since switched to a dedicated server.
  12. yojoedude

    What is LG?

    I believe the reason(s) for it are 1)Pay more, get access to better features (which is typical of anything) 2) it's not super user friendly, so keeping it among a smaller/more dedicated user base keeps it easier to manage.
  13. yojoedude

    What is LG?

    It uses a lot more CPU, but well worth using in my opinion. My bots are lasting 30x longer since I switched over. Which saves a ton on bonds, fresh proxies and time!
  14. yojoedude

    Remove the in-client proxy editor.

    Not sure why it wouldn't work for you. I never use proxy on loadup, only once the client has already loaded. And I often switch it after logging one bot out. (Also works on LG)
  15. Either or for the worlds, doesn't matter much, as for the premium question, I cant speak for that as I only use elite. you could definitely try it, but it would be best to be watching it to make sure it works well. I cant see the bot thinking it needs to help with those things, so it likely wont try. But best if you see for yourself as I cant be sure.
  16. It's definitely fixed. Works flawlessly now. As for the premium, I believe you need elite to work 358/86 without having 30's. the only thing to note is that the bot does NOT know if your coffer runs dry. It will not stop trying to work even if it can't use the world. So keep your coffer over full for what you plan on it doing.
  17. yojoedude

    Question about account creation.

    Hey guys, another question for the vastly more knowledgable people here then me. So when I create accounts I use a proxy to create the account and verify it, then I immediately do tutorial by hand to make it seem like the account was made then played on immediately. My question is this: Is it worth the extra effort to do tutorial right away? My thought is not many real players would create an account and not play on it. But it would be so much faster to create heaps of accounts then just do tutorial when I'm ready to start hitting the account. any thoughts welcome. Also: all my accounts I'm trying to make a well rounded bot to last awhile. While I see big value in this I'm interested in knowing if suicide botting is more or less worth while? And with suicide bots do you go straight with no breaks? Or do you take some precautions? thanks guys in advance
  18. yojoedude

    Question about account creation.

    No its not worth the extra effort? Little vague ;P
  19. yojoedude

    Weekend boting

    When you guys suicide bot, do you turn it on and go? Or do you still have them take some small breaks?
  20. Not sure if this was fixed or not, but the bot seems to be able to get out of the screen the last few times iv seen it happen. So I withdraw my only complaint (Works perfect on LG as well)
  21. yojoedude

    Question about brakes

    Lol what a smart ass. yeah the break handler works well, it's good to have big randomness numbers to really keep your account from looking like it's on a timer!
  22. yojoedude

    Very few of my scrips displaying proper xp/gp per hour

    Il give this a try. As for the other comments: iv mentioned it to the scripter and Lg seems to be taking the blame mostly, I also did start when logged in. Appreciate the replies!
  23. Hey guys, I just wanted to check to see if my issue is simply looking glass messing with the scripts, or if there is some setting/file that can be reset to fix my issue. Basically on about 75% of the scrips im using the values shown on screen are all random negative numbers. (Not even the proper numbers with a - sign infront) It shows my level, gained levels, xp per hour, gp per hour ect. all wrong. Its not a huge deal if its just a side effect of LG, its worth using LG over having it say the right values, but if there is an easy fix Id love to get it sorted out! Thanks in advance. (The scrips are in various skills, all of them premium, and from different people)
  24. Hey, script seems to be working great. Only question is why all the on screen information is listing negative numbers? (Not even accurate if I ignored the -) Is this because of LG? bows made, money made, and xp gained are all negatively listed.