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  1. @Tanged can probably help you out.
  2. Are you using the newest java jdk? Other then that someone else may be able to help - I was thinking your tribot was laggy and that's it. If your osbuddy is laggy then its something else, Its weird this would be with only 20% CPU usage - have you tried restarting your computer?
  3. Are you using this on a server? Or on your computer? Is the client actually lagging? Is the xp/h Gp/h off what it normally is? Sometimes my servers appear laggy but it's just my connection to it. also the paint delay will make the client choppy. That's the whole purpose of it. Try turning the paint delay to 0 and see if it's still looking laggy
  4. Hmm, I was meaning instead of rather then another paint running. I could be alone in this but my only interest in the nugget counter is because I'm saving for one particular item in the shop. How many iv gained today doesn't inform me if iv reached that goal or not (without banking) Im not complaining by any means, it's a positive update. Just clarifying my point with the suggestion.
  5. 2m for all 5 - Will be botted
  6. The nugget counter is awesome! Is it possible for it to display nuggets in bank rather then how many collected since script started?
  7. Well for our sakes I hope I'm right.
  8. As far as I know - The proxy stays linked with the window until the osbuddy is closed or changed by another linked tribot. If you are unsure make a fake proxy on your tribot (Random numbers) and set your LG to the proxy. Once set, try and open the world selector - it wont work. Switch it to a real proxy and it will. You can also try this with closing the tribot client - It will still not work if set to a bad proxy even though your tribot is now closed!
  9. Im not sure how I managed this, but I am going to milk it as long as I can!! Instructions: 1) Create new botting account 2) Open a proxied client and login on that account 3) Somehow convince your fiance to do tutorial island for you! And thats it! Jagex cant detect this one!! Although, she does play like a broken bot a decent amount of the time.
  10. https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/ option at the bottom to upgrade!
  11. Wrong. I believe the term is "gold sink"
  12. Hey, lots of questions in there which is good. I'm not gonna answer them all but the main question you have: is it profitable? My answer is - if you put enough time and effort in. It's not a quick buck, and it can be super frustrating, along with a decent size overhead if you are really working to make good money. At the start it's very unlikely you will make much, but keep working, and develop you own method for profit. Whether it's suicide botting, or long living bots. I believe I could live completely off bot farming if I tried. Based on hours I put in/profit for those hours - if I was to put in full days every day I can't see why not. Just be ready for some losses before profit.
  13. I personally verify every account. I think it helps- supported by the fact that every account I made for the ironman promotion was given membership (multiple on one IP) they wouldn't do this if they didn't see a connection between bots and skipping verification. (To an extent)
  14. What about my home ip? For every account?
  15. Omg iv been doing it all wrong
  16. I have NEVER once had this happen to me and I run LG on all my clients every day. I also have used several different OS and computers - not just one. From who iv talked to it seems like overloading the CPU may have something to do with it. Does your CPU ever hit max? It has to be a difference of users, because there is no way i'm just "lucky"
  17. Your probably in school, no? Seems like most of the scripters here are.
  18. A good rule of thumb is the higher the profit, the higher the ban-rate. But like stan said - Dont bot on an account your not willing to lose - you WILL be banned eventually.
  19. Is this the only script you have used? If so you may be able to talk to Dax. However you should post your details in the banned thread- how old the account is, have you bot on it before, is it level 3, using Lg? Have you used the IP address before? These are all things that can cause a ban. You need to be informed and you can't expect to bot without bans, regardless of how good a script is. Did you notice the bot doing anything wrong? You need to give information that can be used to improve the script.
  20. Ahh, well it was a good try! That Monday ban hammer gets the best of us
  21. Grats, but they are right, generally lots of bans happen Monday when weath logs in
  22. Give @Netami a message, I couldn't be happier with my script he's done for me.
  23. Fair point
  24. I use to always minimize clients - but I had severe client freezing. Have you ever had this issue? I found the amount of LG clients freezing went down considerably if they were active windows. Never close to max CPU, always up to date on java jdk.
  25. Unfortunately thats not very accurate at all as VPS share CPU but it is a start. Pretty much all other specs are over what you need, but the CPU is really what limits you. I personally use dedicated servers, VPS just simply dont have the juice for LG - However in my experience its hard to find something in the range your seeking. I tried one server and got 2-3 LG bots running well, but the one I use now is 11-14 depending on script. (barely double the price of the 2-3 server) If you want some details shoot me a message!