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  1. yojoedude

    cant use more then 2 acc in same time

    Lol I don't think he was talking about being banned
  2. Have you tried restarting the client? I had issues with GUI not appearing, and it was due to not restarting client twice after update.
  3. yojoedude

    RuneScape update 10/27-16

    Hmm, I did not know this!
  4. yojoedude

    cant use more then 2 acc in same time

    Dax hunter has a limit of 2 per auth. So unless you bought an unlimited auth plan, or multiple auths you are at your max allowed. to find this go to the script page, scroll down until you find "instances per auth"
  5. Hey idkfa, Leechers simply refer to bots that dont contribute to helping keep blast furnace running. You need elite to do this, otherwise the bot will help keep the furnace running. (requires you to train one of the skills to 30) A suicide bot can be very profitable in a short time, but it also has more risk involved, as the capital needed on the account will always need to be quite high for it to run (unless you empty it every 3-4 hours. I personally dont let my bots go for more then 6-7 hours a day as most people cant handle that much BF a day lol. As for blast furnace world, I definitely recommend the BF worlds, you never have to worry about the furnace running or not, but if you use them you need to fill the coffer manually as the script doesn't support it yet.
  6. yojoedude

    The Ultimate Script

    Its okay, your jealousy is just making you forgetful
  7. yojoedude

    Combat script and banking?

    I dont have an answer on what script will do this. However you should note that premium scripts require a certain level of antiban. One level of this is human like reaction times, which usually result in slower xp/gp per hour, but is more realistic. Lots of scripts do however have the option to turn off the anti-ban procedures. (Not sure if your particular one does, but its worth checking)
  8. yojoedude

    Gods Lava Demolisher

    lol Profit: More then Netami ^.^
  9. yojoedude

    Netami's Private Script Shop

    Vouch for @Netami Very very pleased with the service iv received from Netami. Had a private script idea, and I couldn't be happier to have worked with Netami on it. Quick, very reasonable pricing, with exceptional communication through the process to ensure I get exactly what I want. Will definetly work you again!
  10. There is no coffer support yet, just deposit enough coins to last your botting settion before you run the bot.
  11. yojoedude

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    Glad I could help. You definitely have to make the bots pay for bonds/proxies/servers to be worth it. But with the proper precautions bots can last weeks and weeks. I have an account on its third bond atm!
  12. yojoedude

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    I dont use VPN, I buy premium proxies for anywhere form $2.50 to $3.00 depending on how many you buy at once. These proxies are password protected so it is only you using it. I personally use one proxy per account, because I see my accounts as more valuable then the proxy so I dont want a chain ban. You enter all the proxies into the proxy editor on your tribot - Then open a client (works with Looking glass too) and right click on the tab - select proxy - and pick the one you want to run. The bot runs that ONE particular client through the proxy (If you dont think its working enter a fake proxy ip - the client wont connect to the internet, while others will on a real proxy) You dont actually change your entire computers proxy, just on a client by client basis. You also are advised to make the accounts on the same proxy you plan to use on it. Use a program like WideCap to proxify firefox, make the account, then bot on it with the same proxy. If you create an account on one ip, then use a different to bot - it can be flagged. I personally recommend http://socks5proxies.net/ @Montreal They have gone above expected for me.
  13. yojoedude

    Changing password is impossible

    I recently did the same thing, and i KNEW I was using the right password, disabled authenticator for 15 seconds to change it, then turned it back on.
  14. yojoedude

    Changing password is impossible

    Do you have 2 step verification on? It wont let you change password unless its disabled. (Then re-enable it)
  15. yojoedude

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    Tribot handles it all, I have 25 different proxies in use. And as for efficiency, the bots run smooth as when I run one client off home ip. Also, lg helps a TON with lower ban rates
  16. yojoedude


    I have to agree with zeal. I almost quit botting before finding LG (I was normal VIP) my ban rate has gone down such a crazy amount. Well worth the upgrade to VIP-E. But be prepared for extra CPU usage!
  17. @Aropupu is there any chance of a 1-30 trainer to prep for MLM? Tin till 15/ iron till 30-skills necklace tele/walk to mlm. I've been using progressive to do this, and it works decent unless you stop the script. For whatever reason it doesn't restart properly, It constantly says picking location. One last thing I've had happen a few times, with the pick axe selection enabled, I came back to the bot 55+ mining to find its still running with a mith pick. overall though, very happy with the script. Looking forward to using it for a long time.
  18. yojoedude

    Returning to Botting.

    You can use whatever if you don't care about bans, but like zes said, they won't last long. Ban rates are crazy high/fast for f2p, and if you use one ip it will likely be flagged very quickly with a chain ban. Your bots won't likely last long enough to trade. Unfortunately it's not as easy as it once was, the careful approach is far more profitable in my opinion. (I haven't had one account banned in 3 weeks)
  19. Using Lg? I haven't had one bot banned using this script
  20. yojoedude


    Go to https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/ and scroll to the bottom of the page. It will give you the option to upgrade to VIP Extended for 2 more credits.
  21. yojoedude

    Are Air Orb Bots still heavily monitored?

    As far as I know Orb runners are still monitored. Really compared to then, everything is a lot more monitored. There are tons of guides on here for keeping accounts safe, but just keep a few things in mind. Never bot on an account your not willing to lose. You will most likely be banned on every account you bot on, its just a matter of how long you can keep it running. If you want to hold out for longer on an account, look into Looking Glass (You will need VIP Extended) It reduces your ban rate by a ton, but it does come at a cost of CPU usage. There is no script that is safe, but premium scripts will do everything they can to protect you.
  22. yojoedude

    VPS Mouse speed

    Good tip Montreal. Just keep an eye on CPU usage and xp p/h if you run more bots/arnt sure. I didn't realize how much mine were lagging until I upgraded servers. 35% more gp/h
  23. @Aropupu I just switched over to aMiner Premium from Tau (Due to the script being discontinued) and I just really wanted to give you some props. The script is running very well, I mainly need it for MLM but its nice to have so many other options. It seems to be fast, tons of customization, and overall excellant. I'm sure there will be bugs, there always are. But that brings me to the thing that impressed me most; Looking through this thread made me very excited to use this script. Every single issue iv seen posted, I see a response near immediately. Most of those responsse include a fix, or some sort of idea when a fix is coming. (if its something actually wrong with the script) I cant see this purchase letting me down and you deserve some recognition. I'm beyond impressed, keep up the good work!