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  1. You can use tribot client with looking glass to play the accounts on different proxies. With the tribot client you can run a different proxy on every lg client. You can test if it's working by creating a fake Proxy on tribot (random numbers) and enable it on your lg- try to use the change world option or login and it won't work. Enable your real proxy and it will proving its active. You need to create the accounts on the proxy and you can use either maxthon or WideCap!
  2. You always want to use your proxy when on the account. You don't want it linked with your home IP as it can risk your main account. You should be able to use both laptops like you say, but you can also use the tribot client to play the bots with different proxies and just not run a script on it.
  3. yojoedude

    What's The Point Of Paying For Proxies

    If you only bot one account and have never used your Home IP to bot before, a proxy will do absolutely nothing to help. However, if you have more then that spreading them over proxies will reduce chain bans. So instead of let's say 6 bots being banned Because they share a proxy 1 is banned and the others live on. Also if you run a bot farm from your home IP, before long it will be flagged. You can change your home IP but it doesn't help with the chain ban. You run 30 bots on 30 different proxies, or 30 on your home IP and see which has a higher overall ban rate.
  4. yojoedude

    What's The Point Of Paying For Proxies

    Proxies do reduce ban rates. They keep your IP from being flagged, and reduce chain bans. Also VIP-e gives you access to LG which you should look into if your having more bans then you would like.
  5. What you can do is use the program WideCap to proxy your osbuddy/Firefox to do your hand training before sending them onto tribot. However you can only have 1 proxy per program this way. You could have a proxy on Firefox and a different one on osbuddy. private proxies are usually rent for 30 days and they are priced differently for every seller. I k ow socks5proxies.net offers cheaper rates if paying with btc!
  6. yojoedude

    Purchased Vip Extended

    No you keep them off, then once you've flushed all your toilets twice you turn them back on. This triggers a tribot flush of all the waste code.
  7. 15 minutes isnt a long break for every 1.5 hours, all accounts on the same IP? Woodcutting is a high ban rate, especially on f2p.
  8. yojoedude

    Can't understand CPU usage

    Osbuddy with every setting turned off is actually quite reasonable. It's quite a bit less CPU usage then an internet client.
  9. Ahem... it's "proxy knowledge!" you can't go changing things like this without letting the community know.
  10. yojoedude

    Getting Banned

    Using LG? A premium script? I have accounts on their 4th bond. Obviously you dont bot on an account that your not willing to lose, but if you do it well you wont lose accounts often.
  11. Nothing but great things to say about @Aropupu's scripts. Just thought I'd post my second pet received from this script!
  12. I may be wrong, but this sounds like an issue I have with other scripts when my tribot is acting up. Try restarting your client and deleting hooks.dat - fixes it for me. (If it's the same issue)
  13. Go to this website : https://rsbuddy.com/exchange Type in the items your looking at using - If it returns a "inactive" you want to stay away from them.
  14. Lg=Looking glass - which requires VIP-Extended to access. Very good feature that runs your bot through Firefox/osbuddy
  15. Your gonna have to be much more specific, what sort of mining are you doing? Where are you doing it? What are you world hop settings?
  16. yojoedude

    Can't purchase credits?

    Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to get unflagged once you're marked as fraudulent. For now, you can try purchasing credits via Bitcoin (Coinbase is highly recommended if you're in Canada or the US), trying an alternative payment processor (such as PayPal or Stripe) or purchasing from someone in the third party market. Users in the market sell credits for PayPal, Runescape Gold, etc. Some resellers include: @erickho123 (a TRiBot Moderator who has an automated system for transferring credits); @Flax (a TRiBot Moderator); @Arctic (an extremely trusted market guru, hundreds of feedback on PowerBot and here) or @YoHoJo (a TRiBot super moderator who transfers credits on his site). Some common reasons for getting marked as fraud are: * Your IP address location changing dramatically * Your IP location differing from your registered credit card address * Attempting to pay using a proxy/VPS/VPN Users in the market sell credits for PayPal, Runescape Gold, etc
  17. yojoedude

    OsBuddy crash with LG on linux

    Osbuddy shuts down completely? Iv had many freezing issues - but never a client shut down on its own. Iv never used CentOS though, only debian.
  18. It depends on what your purchase, near the payment options on the repository it will tell you how many instances per auth (bots that can run per auth) based on that you can decide how many auths you want to purchase/for how long. Some scripts have unlimited options, some don't.
  19. yojoedude

    How to find proxies

    Im not sure if you have purchased proxies yet - But I highly recommend montreals proxies. Had very good luck with them - Socks5proxies.net
  20. You need to decide for yourself if the money/time spent on the accounts are worth more or less then the price of a proxy! I personally do 1:1. But I will reuse a proxy if an account has been banned on it. I do this because 1 ban won't flag an IP - but I don't want to risk a chain ban.
  21. yojoedude

    Recent Downtime

    Fellow Canadian, where do we sign up for the wall build? I'm only a few hours from the border
  22. yojoedude


    Ahh could be - I run 3 tabs per tribot
  23. yojoedude


    When using this or other scripts with set tile functions. It sets them to -1 -1. I'm assuming it's a lg bug
  24. yojoedude


    I need to test this guy out. I have a hard time with tile set on lg is my main problem.