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  1. Did you create the accounts on the proxys you associated with them? If you created the accounts on one IP they can still chain ban based on that. Also Lg does require both and it requires more then double your CPU, but well worth it imo.
  2. I had the same thought when I started here, unfortunately the break timer doesn't seem to work in a queue format. Iv tested a little with short run times and short break times to see what it does and it doesn't seem to handle multiple breaks how you would expect. I was testing without using repeat though, so do a test with shorter times and see how it works!
  3. Its also helpful to restart the client 2-3 times to avoid some bugs that come with update days.
  4. Just as a side note: Im fairly sure that tribot recurring payments will only work if you have the credits to pay for it - I dont think it charges your credit card.
  5. Doubt it, lg eats CPU, not RAM
  6. Scripts cannot be uploaded to the repository with any malicious code - its seem pretty clear to me that your issue is the very very well known issue of account recovery. An account will always be able to be recovered by the original owner - regardless of security or email. The obvious answer is your account was recovered, which is also why account trading is banned from this forum.
  7. Well I use verified PayPal for credits, but iv donates via btc and it worked fine.
  8. You can't use btc because of location? Have you tried different sites?
  9. You can try buying with BTC or paypal, If those options dont work with the tribot site you can always buy off one of several people who sell credits in the black market section of the forums!
  10. This happens to me now and then, a restart of tribot usually resolves the issue
  11. Oh that's right, it's the new iPhone headphones that are different.
  12. Congrats! Everyone is hating, but it's a damn nice laptop even if you can't plug your headphones in Shows what hard work earns!
  13. Botting is a very competitive field, people who are successful tend to stay that was by keeping their methods private. The best thing you can do is read through forums and come up with your own methods. Best of luck.
  14. It's free, quit whining. If it was fully operational with all the masters and options and running perfect it would be premium. Enjoy it while you can!
  15. It wouldnt be something you could run extensively even if it was made. Very few players can do it consistently for long periods.
  16. I think this would be a much more believable mouse movement pattern. You mouse would never return straight from where it left.
  17. Yup, you also get human like mouse movements and proxy abilities.
  18. Might as well wait until you can afford VIP-E, makes a big difference
  19. Socks5proxies.net has been excellent for me. Great customer service. Buy with btc for a better deal!
  20. You can still try buying directly from tribot with btc, whether you get it from selling rsgp or buy from coinbase.
  21. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to get unflagged once you're marked as fraudulent. For now, you can try purchasing credits via Bitcoin (Coinbase is highly recommended if you're in Canada or the US), trying an alternative payment processor (such as PayPal or Stripe) or purchasing from someone in the third party market. Users in the market sell credits for PayPal, Runescape Gold, etc. Some resellers include: @erickho123 (a TRiBot Moderator who has an automated system for transferring credits); @Flax (a TRiBot Moderator); @Arctic (an extremely trusted market guru, hundreds of feedback on PowerBot and here) or @YoHoJo (a TRiBot super moderator who transfers credits on his site). Some common reasons for getting marked as fraud are: * Your IP address location changing dramatically * Your IP location differing from your registered credit card address * Attempting to pay using a proxy/VPS/VPN Users in the market sell credits for PayPal, Runescape Gold, etc
  22. Use the link I provided and download the jdk-8u111 that is appropriate for your computer. Once done be sure you select it when starting tribot (java options on the initial startup screen)
  23. Is your CPU ever reaching 100%? I thought it was determined that the "login bug" is simply a side effect of an overloaded CPU. Iv never once encountered it, and I only run lg.
  24. That looks like the error I get if I don't have the proper java installed. Maybe try selecting the new java you have just installed in the java selector? That and be sure you have the latest jdk java. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html
  25. Hmm, that sounds like a valid reason, but I think there may be more to it. Probably a scripting error