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Everything posted by yojoedude

  1. Messaged all - online for a little bit longer tonight! @iPromsie @JoeDezzy1 @Bonken
  2. Sold credits to Flax and jermbywermby! Thanks!
  3. Hey guys! If your looking for cheap credits, look no further! Credits are for sale for 1.5m 07 gp currently, message me or reply here. I will only go first to people with more trust here then me! CONTACT: -You can leave a post here -message me with tribot messenger - or add me on skype: live:yojoedude
  4. For $279.99 biweekly
  5. Its worth looking into! Very valuable tool!
  6. Looking Glass is a way to run your bot through another client (Osbuddy/Firefox) in order to look less like a bot. Its Available for VIP-E members.
  7. 2 day bans seems to apply to more seasoned accounts where new accounts always get the perm.
  8. You should only have one tribot account.
  9. Set up realvnc - I have this issue and vnc has no issues connecting even if tightvnc won't.
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