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  1. yojoedude

    Contact Support/New Botter

    Human mouse movements are automatically implemented when using tribot as a VIP-E! The client handles it all for you.
  2. yojoedude

    need a good scripter

    Private scripts must be paid for in credits through the repository and can only be made by premium scripters. Depending on the type of script - they can reach far higher then $50 each
  3. You can run all scripts with VIP membership (after you purchase them) However VIP-E is well worth the upgrade cost.
  4. yojoedude

    Issue with Proxy List Saving

    I'm not sure why that would happen, maybe try deleting proxies.dat and proxies.ini from your tribot folder under settings and start the list fresh. To answer your other question: I don't believe there is a limit, but if there is it's far more then 7
  5. yojoedude

    Why does Looking Glass make Tribot so slow?

    If it's running properly it shouldn't effect speed. Is your CPU Maxing out?
  6. If you open a lg tab, then select a proxy for the tab it will proxy the osbuddy client it's linked to. You can test by making a fake proxy (random numbers) and set the tab to your fake proxy. Once it's set you won't be able to open the world select page or login proving it's proxied.
  7. yojoedude

    Importance of LG

    They will ban us al eventually, it's just how long it takes
  8. yojoedude

    Importance of LG

    All I can tell you is my experience, and that is my bots last 30x longer with lg. Bots lasting for months makes the extra CPU usage worth, in my opinion.
  9. yojoedude

    How to use LG

    Ahh, sorry - that guide is a VIP only guide. As for konduit I'm not sure. If your serious about botting you want VIP-e regardless of it you use lg or not
  10. yojoedude

    How to use LG

    You will need VIP-E, however that comes with quite a few great features. Including human mouse movement, proxy usage and lg. Basically make sure you have the newest java jdk installed (and selected when starting tribot) have whatever client open you wish to hook to (osbuddy/Firefox) wait until tribot has fully loaded its standard client fully, then starts LG client - it should hook with your Firefox/osbuddy and your good to go! here is a guide if you need more detail:
  11. The script has options when it comes to pick axe upgrading - it can if you want it to, not if you don't. All sales must go through the repository - however you can buy credits with Gp at some resellers
  12. Premium works as designed. It works on non-game run worlds and will run the furnace. It would still work perfectly fine on any other world. if you want to utilize world 258 or 386 elite is your only option. ---- @daxmagex I know the script wasn't designed for the game run worlds, but could we please see logout in coffer being empty? In the odd occasion a coal bag gets put into the bank (who knows how/lg bug?) bots will slow down causing them to run out of coffer before completing their bars and they consistently spam click the loader.
  13. Run the bot how you would play. Plain and simple - it's the best way not to get banned. As it pertains to this particular script - I speed up abc delays while mining low levels/iron as most people mining at that stage are actually paying full attention and use realistic breaks/runtimes to match. However if you put the bit in MLM I make the delays slower because again -most people who are at mlm are semi-afk. It's not exactly a place you powermine. You can change it up, watch the bot and see how it compares to you, and go from there.
  14. yojoedude

    VIP and VIP-E Compensation

    Lol I was looking at this too - Im assuming this is complaints from the issue a few weeks ago.
  15. yojoedude

    Website will not let me add credits (bitcoin / card)

    Haha I would, however it seems the tribot bitcoin system is down (as stated by fluffee) let's hope it gets back up soon!
  16. Trial only counts down when it's running. You can check time left on your trial by going to script on the repository and looking beside the trial. If activated it will show how long left (if any)
  17. Not hard to download to help fix your problem. https://discordapp.com/ https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/mobile-apps/
  18. yojoedude

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Well I suggest taking it off script thread and maybe contact @zeslicer as he does breach testing services.
  19. yojoedude

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    This is not related to this script or tribot. The details of your account are your own business and you are the only one who can find the root of this but it's not related to tribot.
  20. yojoedude

    cant open it

    Java jdk will serve you better! Follow the link provided
  21. I personally use 3 tabs per client, you can use a proxy on each individual tab (don't have to do advanced setting - just right click on the tab once Rs has loaded) and no idea on the IP question, although I'm sure it's flagged for a long time.
  22. yojoedude

    Need help pls :)

    Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to get unflagged once you're marked as fraudulent. For now, you can try purchasing credits via Bitcoin (Coinbase is highly recommended if you're in Canada or the US), trying an alternative payment processor (such as PayPal or Stripe) or purchasing from someone in the third party market. Users in the market sell credits for PayPal, Runescape Gold, etc. Some resellers include: @erickho123 (a TRiBot Moderator who has an automated system for transferring credits); @Flax (a TRiBot Moderator); @Arctic (an extremely trusted market guru, hundreds of feedback on PowerBot and here) or @YoHoJo (a TRiBot super moderator who transfers credits on his site). Some common reasons for getting marked as fraud are: * Your IP address location changing dramatically * Your IP location differing from your registered credit card address * Attempting to pay using a proxy/VPS/VPN Users in the market sell credits for PayPal, Runescape Gold, etc
  23. yojoedude

    I need some pc advice, very much appreciate it.

    It does lag if either is capped, however the largest draw on a computer tends to be CPU. Iv never encountered an issue with ram compared to the overwhelming issues with CPU. Unfortunately it's the downside to a laptop when using tribot.
  24. http://daxmagex.com/Signatures/daxBlastFurnace/users/Highscores.png its in his signature too
  25. I assumed they just ban if it's flagged IP instead of locked? I may be wrong in this case but I was able to recover all accounts iv had locked and it was due to a mistake I had made on account creation.