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  1. account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Well the accounts you created initially arnt worth unlocking. Just unlock the mule. Your mule should always have its own proxy as well, and 100 accounts all on your home proxy won't last long. Soon as they find one or two they will chain ban that like crazy.
  2. account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    How many proxies did you use for the 150 accounts? Because if you made them on less then 20 proxies you are probably the reason they got flagged
  3. account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    He can't guarantee the proxys haven't been botted on any better then Montreal
  4. account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Linked account helps but I'm sure you can do it without - creation location is very important though
  5. account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Have you tried getting them unlocked? It's not hard if you have creation details - get the proxy location from montreal
  6. account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Private proxy means your the only one with access currently. All proxies have been used before, but not usually for runeacape - these proxies cannot be produced, they are all pre existing. No proxy supplier can guarantee they haven't been used for runecape before - however @Montreal has been great with me and I'm sure he will replace bad proxies. locked is also very different then banned. Locked accounts can be unlocked given the creation details and the proxy location. Accounts can be locked if ip changes drastically (if created on one IP and switched to another)
  7. account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    Iv had this happen (only to a few accounts) and I thought it was due to a mistake on creation - making it on one IP then running it on another. I got all of mine unlocked. If you have confirmed emails you can find the location of the proxy - send in a account recovery to jagex and get them unlocked.
  8. Botting clients detectable? [MOD WEATH]

    As mentioned above - if the client was detectable all of our mules would be found very quickly. I dont bot on my mules but I use tribot to proxy them, which according to this would result in a ban for using a botting client. LG is an extra layer of protection, but the client is not detectable.
  9. Looking glass cannot find the runescape client

    Not sure about your LG issue, try starting multiple osbuddy/firefox clients and see if you can get any to hook. As for your profile picture - @Worthy might feel impersonated
  10. Content count

    Your not intended to get high content count in a day. Nobody has a genuine interest in 100 threads in 30 minutes. 100 post count only enables you to transfer 5 credits a month as well. Not worth getting banned over. edit: did you actually post this thread twice?
  11. This is me!

    Your commenting 10 words or less on 2 posts a minute, some threads that are very old. "Getting to 100 post count" is not a valid reason, it's almost worse. Do what you like but don't be surprised if all your posts are removed. Read this through
  12. This is me!

    Might wanna stop spamming before a mod gets to you
  13. Proxy

  14. Looking Glass

    My merch script?
  15. Looking Glass

    Once you have VIP-E it is included in original client. (You can select it when starting a new tab)
  16. I'm new in runescape, can i make real cash in early-game?

    Free scripts often have money making methods, however they are usually poor Gp/h and they lack a lot of the anti-ban features/support offered by premium scripts
  17. End of summer promotion!

    This thread is just a few months old ;P
  18. private scripts

    A lot of time goes Into script upkeep. How long were they covered for?
  19. VIP extended

    It runs your bot through a client normally used by players (osbuddy/Firefox)
  20. Proxy Provider

    Socks5proxies.net has served me well and run by @Montreal from this forum
  21. Dumb memory allocation question

    Close tribot and re-open it, on the initial page with your login info it has the option to set it as you please.
  22. Contact Support/New Botter

    Human mouse movements are automatically implemented when using tribot as a VIP-E! The client handles it all for you.
  23. need a good scripter

    Private scripts must be paid for in credits through the repository and can only be made by premium scripters. Depending on the type of script - they can reach far higher then $50 each
  24. You can run all scripts with VIP membership (after you purchase them) However VIP-E is well worth the upgrade cost.
  25. Issue with Proxy List Saving

    I'm not sure why that would happen, maybe try deleting proxies.dat and proxies.ini from your tribot folder under settings and start the list fresh. To answer your other question: I don't believe there is a limit, but if there is it's far more then 7