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  1. I like this idea +1
  2. Socks5proxies.net has served me well and run by @Montreal from this forum
  3. Close tribot and re-open it, on the initial page with your login info it has the option to set it as you please.
  4. Human mouse movements are automatically implemented when using tribot as a VIP-E! The client handles it all for you.
  5. Private scripts must be paid for in credits through the repository and can only be made by premium scripters. Depending on the type of script - they can reach far higher then $50 each
  6. You can run all scripts with VIP membership (after you purchase them) However VIP-E is well worth the upgrade cost.
  7. I'm not sure why that would happen, maybe try deleting proxies.dat and proxies.ini from your tribot folder under settings and start the list fresh. To answer your other question: I don't believe there is a limit, but if there is it's far more then 7
  8. Glad I could help, hopefully you figure out what happened.
  9. If it's running properly it shouldn't effect speed. Is your CPU Maxing out?
  10. If setup with fluffees - go to putty (or on server terminal) log in with the account you created and use the command for ssh pass - passwd for vnc - vncpasswd
  11. @leoshiro I'm still waiting on mine
  12. Im .5 credits short as well, and I had an eye on this script that im 25 credits short of....Thanks Leo!
  13. Well jagex tracks creation IP -we know this for a fact. So switching to a proxy would make a clear link between the two IPS. Every guide to do with proxys tell you to create the account on a proxy and I would suggest the same.
  14. If you open a lg tab, then select a proxy for the tab it will proxy the osbuddy client it's linked to. You can test by making a fake proxy (random numbers) and set the tab to your fake proxy. Once it's set you won't be able to open the world select page or login proving it's proxied.
  15. They will ban us al eventually, it's just how long it takes