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  1. dinh

    Dinh account creator

    Mhh, guess the Thread can get locked/removed if that is the case
  2. FAQ: What is this and how does it work? > This is a Server-based Runescape Account creator that takes advantage of 2Captcha and Proxys to create Accounts How much does it cost? > 20$ Account setup fee (Includes 5$ Account balanace) > 0.09$ balance per Account > 0.03$ balance per Account when using your own 2Captcha Account & Proxies Preview: Features: Create Accounts using your own HTTPS Proxies! Ability to choose between a random password or setting a fixed one Ability to feed it a list of E-Mail hosts Ability to match the E-Mail to the IGN To purchase this simply contanct me on Skype or add me on Discord (dinh#1260) GUI:
  3. Oh, so I can't Script myself without VIP? That's really sad!
  4. So I've wrote a Script and I'd like to try it. I've followed a guide I found on this forum and placed the precompiled class files into the local scripts folder. When I hit 'Start Script' it does not offer me my Script? Did I do something wrong, please let me know! ~dinh
  5. I've been searching on these Forums for almost 2 hours now despite all the downtimes it has and I cant seem to find a download link for the TriBot libary. Can anyone show a helping hand and link me to it? ~dinh
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