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  1. WOW! loving this script. 50- 75 range in 2 days. Could you add cannon support that picks it up before it disintegrates (where it also simultaneously attacks with bow). I would love you forever. Honestly you need to charge money for this one.
  2. [NEW] [Ranged] ftwChinner [flawless] [intelligent] [GUI]

    Is this bot spot still an instant ban?
  3. Better customer service then Jagex. Some feedback however: Bot using map to click most north spot at waterbirth is fishy and anti ban methods IE south walk for 10 squares seems extremely detectable. Have the character npc move around less and use the spot in between crabs. Everyone who trains here is afk whos not botting. Having too much antiban can actually have the opposite effect.
  4. Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Here is mine! Thanks for all your hard work you do for the "cheating" community. Xmouse_data-3529-1421340832414.dat
  5. Lumb Flax Spinner

    doesn't work.
  6. Sodoku Script

    bumpidy bump bump
  7. Sodoku Script

    Would love to see a soduku script go live for 07. Just wanted to hear peoples thoughts on this.