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  1. I just need scripts that imitate real player in the game, it isn't important for me will it be combat, fishing or woodcutting or something else. I'm not interested in gold at all. The main thing is that my accounts will not get be banned. I just need maximum played time in the game, not just staying in it, but doing something like a real player. I already tried to use proxies, but never tried to use Looking Glass? Is it worth it? And please give me name of the safest scripts. Thanks
  2. Hello! I'm new to the runescape. I just started to play the oldschool version and I need free or premium scripts that actually allow just be in the game to have maximum time played. I think they should have some rest option or something to logout automatically and then login. I tried to use free woodcutter and fishing scripts, but my accounts always get banned. It would be very nice of you if u advise me some scripts. Thanks in advance!
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