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  1. hey so i guess it got stuck between 2 demons and i just stood there for hour before it logged out.nvm my account didnt get banned i had the relog account i use that was banned sorry but great script and thanks for keeping it updated regularly can you put failsafe in for that or add go to random tile every 10 mins or random time thanks for the 99 str and hp did from lvl 3
  2. Does any one else have problem with after kill goes afk looting and goes afk after getting kill and teles to clanwars then afk by bank looks like it does it because it can't see the chest i got my thing zoomed all the way out
  3. hey does this script when splashing with breakhandler does it spam click log out or can u take gear off kill spider or something like that how it work with splashing
  4. hey man i tried the free trial for the script and i have demon butler. whenever runs out of soft clay call servant and script stops after demon butler appears and talks
  5. had like 5 zulrah accounts get banned yesterday and today i just made this fresh account trade it some gear did turorial by hand was going to do all the 7 qp which is cooks assistant goblin diplomacy and dorics quest i did cooks assistant was walking to dorics and connection interrupted went to log on bam banned didnt even bot on it wtf
  6. Ban wave coming 5 of mine just got banned only bot 8 hrs a day from 6am2pm been going good for about a month so watch out think they found out the algorithm to the script
  7. hey when it was switching worlds it keep trying to log in w42 or something but the world was a unrestricted world so it couldnt log in it and just kept clicking it
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