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  1. hey idk if its tribot or the script but its not completing tutorial island its just standing in the same place
  2. they once removed 1m from my bank
  3. just bot 1 hour a day
  4. account got banned a few hours tho but idc i managed to get the profit
  5. today i botted 8 hours total from like 9 am to 6 pm gmt time
  6. i think scripts cost alot more than 50mill
  7. looking glass uses alot of cpu
  8. link me that page bro
  9. clay use to be 100 gp max and now its 135 and rising so yeah
  10. clay, yew logs tin ore, iron ore for example rose very dramatically in price. Could be due to alot of bans
  11. bot 1 hour- break 4 hours- ull total 6 hours a day botting from doing this
  12. wtf i use to bot 60 hours straight then get banned now i got banned within 20 hours rip i lost all my money now i have to start from fresh minning iron ore
  13. which location does it mine and smelt? im guessing al kharid
  14. i dont think it has but i wish if it can be added coz its much easier to create ranged or mage accounts rather than melee