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  1. MySmallBox

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    possible to add ranging potion and safe spot
  2. MySmallBox

    What's the thing you'd like to see the most?

    lifetime auth
  3. it gets stuck doing nothing after it right clicks the banker
  4. man sometimes it just stops walking
  5. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe the author of my script needs to update it
  6. fk my brain cells hurting now cant get it to work. i put dax api script folder, i deleted webwalker_logic but whats the dax credentials
  7. ok where did you put your dwebwalker file in
  8. it still doesnt work. Have you tested?
  9. ohhhhhhhhhhh can you link me pl0x cant find it
  10. im pretty sure dax is down because normal webwalker works but it sucks though
  11. MySmallBox

    Script Review: ErickHo’s Ex Tutorial Island

    account creation dosnt work
  12. MySmallBox

    Please welcome our new developers

    pls fix tut island account creator