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  1. clay use to be 100 gp max and now its 135 and rising so yeah
  2. clay, yew logs tin ore, iron ore for example rose very dramatically in price. Could be due to alot of bans
  3. bot 1 hour- break 4 hours- ull total 6 hours a day botting from doing this
  4. wtf i use to bot 60 hours straight then get banned now i got banned within 20 hours rip i lost all my money now i have to start from fresh minning iron ore
  5. which location does it mine and smelt? im guessing al kharid
  6. i dont think it has but i wish if it can be added coz its much easier to create ranged or mage accounts rather than melee
  7. no. only tribot says it. when i want to buy other things with paypal i can but not tribot
  8. i have paypal but when i try to pay it says it needs a bank account but i dont have a bank account
  9. hey nice script! been using it for a long time and the highest level i got so far was lvl 91 fletching However sometimes the script stop running and saying "preforming clean up" but i dont know why this happens even though i still have enough supplies in the bank
  10. thanks anyway... i think ill buy vps to slowly increase my profit and when i get enough money ill get pc as you said its worth in the long run
  11. and when i want to change my ip i have to wait overnight not "count to 10" but yeah dynamic is beast
  12. yeah but every vps has different ip. So if i want to bot 40 accounts ill buy 8 vps for like 10$ each. I can pay extra money monthly and be able to request ip changes depending on how much i pay. I think it cost $1 per ip change
  13. would pc still be better even though you need proxies-- lets say 1 proxy per 5 accounts
  14. What do you think is better choice--building a computer that can run many bots- lets just say 50- or just buying multiple vpns to run 50 bots