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  1. do you know how i can get my hands on a zulruh account
  2. are we going to see in the future an tribot mobile bot
  3. if scripts are no more lifetime anymore can vip be for free now?
  4. why would tribot force scripters not make an option for lifetime? It was the scripters personally choice in the first place to add an option to make lifetime or not
  5. best option to make everyone happy is refund the credit spent on a lifetime script (lol)
  6. so i should expect something like this
  7. so basically no more lifetime packages just monthly payments?
  8. Anyone know how much money per hour mining amythest is?
  9. Dreambot + Tribot botting

    use extutorial it works
  10. League Of Legends | EUW | EUNA | NA | Fast ELO Boost

    any tips for climbing elo?