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  1. high ban rates like never before!
  2. 10 accounts all lvl 90 + minning banned. For some reason idk coz they were up botting for like a month
  3. yeah true idk had to restart the client like twice
  4. ehhh thursday updates broke the bot
  5. yeah if u make ur bond back with profit
  6. Yo banking does not work ive tried both daxweb and normal webwalking and it dosnt walk to bank and instead walks to random places and once i found it in da wildiness
  7. Movie of the year (2015-2017)

    30 shades of grey jk
  8. [FREE BETA] LAN Bot Manager - Development

    what if the script has no arugement support? can it still work?
  9. Movie of the year (2015-2017)

    In Time
  10. Tribot paths are wrong

    yes when using tri combat with web walking
  11. omg theres ausi servers finally?????
  12. question

    noice ty
  13. question

    if my membership finishes and im standing on a members area..... would i get automatically teleported to lumbridge or na?