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  1. noice ty
  2. if my membership finishes and im standing on a members area..... would i get automatically teleported to lumbridge or na?
  3. noice what did you mine to get these pets
  4. thnx guys that solved the problem
  5. i dont think thats the problem because if i test each if statement alone it will work
  6. basically after it finishes an if statement it wont move to the next if statement and plus i have it on a while loop
  7. So im trying to make a leather crafting script. The script kind of works. All the functions and stuff work. However it dosnt loop. Everytime the script finishes an "if" statment it does nothing next. But when i rerun the script it will move to the next if statement but i have to keep doing this even though i have it on a while loop. Hope this explains my problem @Override public void run() { while(true){ sleep(100); if(isInBank()){ if(ineedle.length > 0 && ithread.length > 0 && ileather.length > 0 && !Banking.isBankScreenOpen() && !areCraftingLeahter() && !clickLeatherInterface() ){ craftLeather(); } if(ineedle.length == 0 || ithread.length == 0 || ileather.length == 0){ Banking.openBank(); } if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){ Banking.depositAllExcept(Leather_ID, Needle_ID, Thread_ID); } if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen() && ileather.length == 0){ withLeather(); } if(ineedle.length > 0 && ithread.length > 0 && ileather.length > 0 && Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){ Banking.close(); } } else{ WebWalking.walkTo(BANK_TILE); } } }}
  8. lmeo
  9. bs lol everytime i bot lvl 3 i probs get reported than banned but when i train my cb im alg
  10. hard to control your bot without mouse though?
  11. or brutal black dragons
  12. client opened but very buggy