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  1. looks great !!
  2. i think i'm gona be sick
  3. Ok that all makes sence to me however, i've only used if else statements so far, so that would only return me a number. Do I then create a generic java statement which states: if <1 else ...
  4. Could I ask how to determine not combining items? Should I do it using clicking api to combine items and then when thats all done it will return false if there nothing left to combine? Is that how we know we are not combining items. Cheers!
  5. Proof that you too can be a real farmer is you tri-bot hard enough
  6. This is awesome, thank you Encoded seems like a few others appreciated it too ! Thanks again Worthy, keyboard class works perfect !
  7. Thank you bro, saved me alot of time there! @Worthy have you ever combined using numkeys, I'm aware there is an OSBuddy 'setting' for this looks pretty awesome.
  8. Hi smart people, I'm withdrawing items from bank, and combining them then depositing all and looping. What methods might you suggest for that, as I can't use the standard; if (iInventory.isFull) as a deposit condition for this task because it will be full upon initial withdraw of items from bank (since i'm not skilling) collecting wood etc. And could anyone point me in the right method direction for combining two inventory slot items together. Really apreciated !! Thanks guys
  9. Hey Honnie @Usa Whats the chance I might get a couple free days on my favorite tab maker since my unlimited auth was down most of last week Thanks
  10. How can we know that you haven't been captured by Weath and his Jagex crew and are now being held hostage until the first 1,000 power famers have been exposed Gota love a good conspiracy theory. Thanks @TRiLeZ and thanks for ur Willow woodcutting Java guide it taught me all I needed to start scripting like a boss!
  11. Super useful thanks !
  12. Thanks for update!
  13. Hello! I just created my first private script and as a learning process I want to look at some open source script code from experienced / compitenet scripters to see how you do things. Specifically i'm interested in ones that use banking and if possible item combining methods, I bet theirs a way to implement OSBuddys mousekeys into a script too for combining items? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD30_74sCnE&t=95s Thanks!
  14. @godspower33 thanks buddy got it all working now with your help and some persistance. You'll notice at the bottom of my script i've a return 120; is that how long it waits before looping or can I delete it ? Not sure right now what it relates to thanks a ton! If you or any other scripters had some good quality open source basic project i'd like to look at them to see the logic, how you implement methods etc. Feel free to PM me if you don't want them public!