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  1. post your 1.5M/hr or higher gains then. lol rekt scrub gg
  2. Yes that's correct. Well done you're learning how botting works.
  3. Didn't get me banned because I didn't run it for more than a few days. You sound dumb.
  4. Just the ton of people who inboxed me for more info nerd
  5. Took me a couple of days to figure out how to make 1.4m + per hour. I've never been banned with this script buts its way too bot like imo so untill V2 I'm out..! http://imgur.com/XiLJWFP
  6. Script Que, set Proxy

    +1, I've wanted this for a while.
  7. Need someone to fix my payment issues.

    I can buy credits with verified paypal, don't think their is a paypal problem.
  8. Best free bot to get banned

    Looks like you're doing great m8, but that acc wont get banned easily too much membership time logged on it haha you're a gold mine for them ;D
  9. Buying 2M OSRS GP

    Hello, i've let my membership run out and only have members items... so I need 2M in game to renew. Paying $3 via Paypal friends and family, going first. Thanks.
  10. VIP and VIP-E Compensation

    Could I get my VIP time back Or am i too late!
  11. Any tips for me?

    Honestly DaxCombatAIO and Tri Combat AIO have both worked great for me. Got banned once over a 3 month period with those running daily. That being said trial and error, start using one of those with LG on a not fresh acc, by that i mean lvl to 20 cbt, leave acc for a few days don't bot straight away, then start botting 4hrs a day.. gradually increasing. You get the idea. Use paid for proxies and create accounts under the proxied browser then only play those accs using that proxie. I'd been botting for about 6 months and spent over $100 before anything good came from it. In the end I decided to learn Java and write my own scripts that are so inefficient thatI don't get bot busted Patience or $$$ ur choice
  12. AIO Raid script

    Haha, free version sounds terrible, bet if you got 5 or 10 people that were interested to share a Raid script, you'd get a pretty sexy one for $15 ea.
  13. NewBotterFTW Isn't Jesus Anymore? Who Knew!?

    looks great !!
  14. runescape 3

    i think i'm gona be sick