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  1. Updated for day 2 progression.
  2. Updated, hope everyone is having a good day!
  3. Appreciate it! I'll be traveling for work until the 15th of this month. I'll get everything prepared and researched by then. So hope everyone checks the thread out later next week!
  4. Yeah, ghosting is fairly popular (Monitoring forums to bust people from slip ups) I plan to blur out all skills outside of the skill being reported on. This plus keeping the updates a day or two behind the start should help out some.
  5. Hello all, I'm curious if anyone is interested in following a 100% fully automated progression thread. My goal would be to automate as many skills to 99 as possible before getting caught. I'd try using multiple anti-detection methods, multiple custom scripts, and post my stats with an update with a few day delay to keep my actual stats/posted stats slightly off to prevent forum ghosting. It's something I've contemplated doing and thought I'd see if it's something people would be interested in. Goal: Set #1 Mining: 30/50 Fishing: 37/50 Woodcutting: 1/50 Update: Will be continuing this Monday. Due to work I wont be able to sit down and work on this where I travel for work. Day 1: Day 2: