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  1. gosubear

    Solo fishing Trawler script

    Use the format that can be found in the sub section. Thanks.
  2. Is there a possibility that you add support to the other yew trees in woodcutting guild? there is a deposit box there that can be used to bank. Speaking of banking, i have axe wielded and it still right clicks the logs to deposit all instead of just clicking the deposit all button (the one that looks like the backpack).
  3. gosubear

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Death walk normally refers to walking back to where you died to pick up your items. Maybe it is broken in this script but that is the jist of it. If you can include a debug/script trace, it would help the scripter with finding the problem.
  4. gosubear

    TRiBot Release 10.8_0

    Nice update! @wastedbro thanks for the nice additions!
  5. gosubear

    TRiBot Release 10.5_0

    Yeet. Nice job.
  6. gosubear

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Is this updated to the new zoom distance?
  7. gosubear

    Auto Smither

    Why would it be at a stove? This is a smither my guy.
  8. gosubear

    [P] Account unlocker.

    it would just be easier to create more accounts than to unlock it.
  9. gosubear

    New to Botting - No Idea how to Download and Run

    You can right click it and open with java. Also, since you are new. I will save you all the trouble in saying this. Bot only on accounts you are willing to lose. And just because a script is premium does not mean it is low ban rate or even ban free. There is no way of 100% ban free botting. If you encounter issues with the script, post about it on the respective thread for the script. Contact the scripter or ask for a refund. Refunds does not include your accounts being banned. That is no a valid refund reason. Once you have ran the client, make sure to add accounts and breaks into your account/break handler respectively. Make sure to select them as you choose which script to run. To run a script you should click Run script. Never click re-run as that causes issues on many, if not, all scripts. You will not come out with profit at first unless you are super lucky. But this is a trial and error, cat and mouse game. You are either in it to eventually make profit or you are botting casually. Regardless of which, you run a chance of being banned. Basics of LG (looking glass) is to mask the fact that you are using a 3rd party client by using a OSRS approved client (OSB/OSRS launcher). That being said, it does not mean that it is less likely to be banned using it. It is used to combat against client detections if there are any in the future. LG takes a lot of resources to use and will lag many if not all scripts. If you need me to clear up on anything, just let me know. i will be happy to tell you my experiences.
  10. gosubear

    Proxy Wont Connect

    you are overpaying if you pay $30 for ONE proxy. Just so you know.
  11. gosubear

    Proxy Wont Connect

    They take risks, some only bot f2p which wastes nothing but time. Some bot carefully to raise accounts up to do heavy money makers like zulrah. Like i said, if you are discouraged from buy accounts that were most likely (99%) botted being locked. You have a long way to go.
  12. gosubear

    Proxy Wont Connect

    Welcome to botting. Trial and error. If this was easy, everyone would be rich right?
  13. I ran it multiple times to make sure it was not an issue on my end (yes, i deleted hooks and restarted the client). It kept going to the bank chest and to the fire put down by the player. I will try again later.
  14. If someone makes a fire manually. The bot will use the bank chest and cook using the fire made by the player instead of sticking with the permanent one. https://gyazo.com/151c83350e00dd7c038d011dd0ab0180 Also, the bot uses the bank chest instead of the banker right next to the perm fire? https://gyazo.com/1dfaee280d663e2298751b1e3cb95b24 Please fix this. No one will leave a perm fire with a banker right next to him.
  15. gosubear

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    bot safe. don't bot on an acc you are not willing to lose.
  16. gosubear

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    I tried to catch it right click dropping the last row, since it did it a couple of times even though i have shift dropped enabled. but this time it only did it for the last one. Why does it do this? https://gyazo.com/cf22ab6e37f99a312e0c3d121a9a0b92 Edit: Also, is there a reason why you have trout and salmon option? When they both are fished from the same fishing spot? With one selected, it doesnt count the other fish caught. IE. If i have trout selected, it will only count trout caught and not salmon. Which depicts inaccurate exp rates. Same thing with the salmon it seems like.
  17. gosubear

    Optimus Pest Control - Need Beta Testers

    This is an awesome update, i will be sure to test it out once i am home. Thank you for the quick update and i will continue to try and find some optimizations. Overall, solid script that is in the workings. Awesome paint and very easy on the CPU. A possible suggestion (if we have the an abundant amount of people using this), would be to possibly all go to another world and just do it with all botted accounts. Would seem legit as many clans do it and less people would suspect us being bots as less people would see if there was a bug or something. Just a thought
  18. I have done basic trouble shooting. It only happens when they announce stuff about runefest. I did not see an NPC at all both times. And both times, it happened once the announcement happened. I don't know why it does it but that is what i see. As far as NPC debug, i did not get a chance to do that. I will disable it while runefest is going on to bypass it for the time being.
  19. So the script is running fine. The only issue is that since Runefest was happening, and they kept issuing broadcast announcements. The script thinks its a random and tries to find it to dismiss. The issue will persist until it logs out due to xp failsafe or if i manually log out and let the script handle the rest. I will include the debug log in the spoiler. It says reachable random detected for 5 minutes straight. The cameras continue to spin in a weird fashion and that is all that happens. I believe it is the runefest broadcast which happened twice and it did the same thing each time. This is mainly for future situations if you want to update or not, up to you
  20. Yeah i had more kills than 10 an hour. Had more switches too. I guess its just different per account since different stats + seeds for doing things with ABC2. Also, Worthy gets screenshots automatically. There is no need for proggys
  21. gosubear

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Here is are examples. All 3 were different times. i average 10-11.
  22. gosubear

    Looking for a good combat script

    I only used cannon for caged ogres and it worked perfectly for me. @Optimus is a solid scripter that answers very quickly.
  23. gosubear

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Just put the maximum food you want, and the minimum amount you want it to start a game with under required. I personally do 8 food to withdraw and atleast 2 minimum to start a new game. And it will literally stay there until it has less than 2 food to bank. I have a screenshot of my inventory after an hour (which was how long it took to bank with 8 food) and i had 11 crates at the end of it.
  24. I believe this is due to resizeable. If you want a better botting experience i would try to do it again but with fixed mode.
  25. Have you done the basic trouble shooting? Deleting your hooks in the tribot folder in appdata, restarting tribot client and OSB twice and then loading the script up again? There has been an update recently and could be the reason for some minor hiccups.