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  1. Lmfaoo. I dont want to go on a roast fest so im out. thread should be closed if it is solved. You are putting your input into a comment unrelated to the topic. Anyways, i started the comment unrelated to the topic but i just dont like the thought of someone being rude and not getting something for it.
  2. Didnt know i cant TRY to help people. Sorry who are you?
  3. i dont understand what you mean as i am not a scripter but @Worthy @Mute @Usa @Netami @daxmagex are all capable scripters.
  4. im no scripter. but im sure item id does not change by the amount of items. ie. if you have 1 coin in your inventory with 123 as the ID. with 2.174b coins, ID should still be 123.
  5. How have you ran this script for 24 years lmfaoo. Unless the signature is wrong.
  6. Just in case someone gives you a problem. This is under Black market section and this is the Black market section rules. From my understanding, it says no Skype vouchers. Nothing about off-site vouches. And besides, it wouldnt hurt to have it and if someone says that its not allowed and shows that it isnt. It could be removed pretty easily
  7. Would put the minds of many at ease if you had vouches via here on Tribot or Sythe. As you are a newcomer. Or if you have no vouches. I would either start services that are a bit cheaper or temporary free services.
  8. @Worthy This is what i found out of all my screenshots (last one is the funniest i think). But this should also show the minimal difference between looking glass and not. Without LG i got this: (Profit is bugged because sometimes tribot doesnt register the items/prices.) With LG: Very minimal differences between the two of them. Also this is for your laughing enjoyment NOTE: I am almost certain my LG picture was before multi-kills and using other methods of getting to zulrah was a thing. So i will be doing another proggy for both in the same update so i can show you the difference. It is very minimal to no difference. And the last one was when i got a p' ring from Mod Weath himself ;p (Joking)
  9. Well for a 10ho FCS i wouldnt expect anything less than a day since it is hard asf. but void you can give an estimate time on each boat. as you get points for playing the PC not how much you contribute per game.
  10. Then i was told a lie then. Sorry for misinformation. I have never done this so i was just reiterating what was said to me.
  11. Please explain to me why not? Since this is MY recommendation. I would like to see which ones you would offer him. Since from experience, aMiner and aAgility never got me banned sololy from using those. Neither has tri combat + magic which ive leveled quite a few magic levels and other various low level accounts as well. The only script i cant speak for is Tri PC as i havent used it yet.
  12. Or you can just not click the thread. He's doing something that he enjoys. And if you have to put him down for it. You can just not click his threads anymore. He has done 4 of these now so there is no excuse on why you were on this thread if you didnt want to see it. Im sure he is. He commented on a thread before this im sure. And if i could suggest some house or EDM would be nice!
  13. @YoHoJo Look at you making a difference And im sure he is looking at your vids mate!
  14. Tri combat + magic, aMiner, aAgility, Tri PC (Was reworked not too long ago). These are a few good scripts. I would buy proxies from @YoHoJo's site.
  15. You can ask the scripter to pause your duration. So if you only used 2 days of the 2 weeks. You can save the last 12 days for another time. I am not saying it will work. But some scripters would do it.