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  1. It takes like 2 mins to download my guy.
  2. You tagged yourself for credit. Respect.
  3. Is there a reason for the bot to always click world switcher as soon as it starts up?
  4. The script clicks the world switcher upon start-up. Yet i do not have world-hop enabled. Also, do you plan on adding a degradation effect when botting for longer periods of times? missclicks, slower reactions, more afk?
  5. Use the format that can be found in the sub section. Thanks.
  6. Is there a possibility that you add support to the other yew trees in woodcutting guild? there is a deposit box there that can be used to bank. Speaking of banking, i have axe wielded and it still right clicks the logs to deposit all instead of just clicking the deposit all button (the one that looks like the backpack).
  7. Death walk normally refers to walking back to where you died to pick up your items. Maybe it is broken in this script but that is the jist of it. If you can include a debug/script trace, it would help the scripter with finding the problem.
  8. Nice update! @wastedbro thanks for the nice additions!
  9. Is this updated to the new zoom distance?
  10. You will probably not be told this but proxyfish has a negative rep for their proxies. They have one of, if not the worse support on the market.
  11. I have not read everything but i have read the OSRS Botting 2018. Those points you made about manual reviews, are indeed POSSIBLE factors in bans but there is NONE made clear on which they go off of. Not all bans are manual. Tribot uses human mouse data that differs depending on accounts/usernames (i am pretty sure) which jagex would need to identify the seed associated with the account and ban that account directly. With many people having different seeds attached to their account, it would be impossible for it to be all done manually. From my experience, I have multiple 100+ hour proggies on a SINGLE account. With breaks included, i would have slept 4 hours a day for 5-ish days straight. That is possible but highly unlikely. That being said, i have experienced different results in all my accounts. I have had zulrah accounts with 400m+ as a bank last a month and have had zulrah accounts that has 13m been banned in hours. Both accounts in this situation have used the same schedule to botting and both accounts were not botted prior to zulrah. There are many examples of this, but i will only give you this one. I have also been banned at my home IP multiple times and am still botting 100+ hours on it. I wouldn't say that it doesn't mean they flag proxies but i am confident enough to bot on accounts using my home IP even though i have had 20+ accounts locked/banned.
  12. Why would it be at a stove? This is a smither my guy.
  13. it would just be easier to create more accounts than to unlock it.
  14. You can right click it and open with java. Also, since you are new. I will save you all the trouble in saying this. Bot only on accounts you are willing to lose. And just because a script is premium does not mean it is low ban rate or even ban free. There is no way of 100% ban free botting. If you encounter issues with the script, post about it on the respective thread for the script. Contact the scripter or ask for a refund. Refunds does not include your accounts being banned. That is no a valid refund reason. Once you have ran the client, make sure to add accounts and breaks into your account/break handler respectively. Make sure to select them as you choose which script to run. To run a script you should click Run script. Never click re-run as that causes issues on many, if not, all scripts. You will not come out with profit at first unless you are super lucky. But this is a trial and error, cat and mouse game. You are either in it to eventually make profit or you are botting casually. Regardless of which, you run a chance of being banned. Basics of LG (looking glass) is to mask the fact that you are using a 3rd party client by using a OSRS approved client (OSB/OSRS launcher). That being said, it does not mean that it is less likely to be banned using it. It is used to combat against client detections if there are any in the future. LG takes a lot of resources to use and will lag many if not all scripts. If you need me to clear up on anything, just let me know. i will be happy to tell you my experiences.
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