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  1. I am very astonished by your work. You will help multiple scripters and even tribot as a whole with this. It is revolutionary and thank you ahead of time.
  2. I am not, I was just clarifying it with everyone who is trying to give you a hard time because the script isn't "perfect".
  3. @erickho123 Did you happen to fix the part where the bot gets stuck at equipping the equipments? like from dagger to sword and shield?
  4. Well WebWalking as a whole is very inaccurate and buggy due to (From my understanding) Jagex changing the terrain a little every or every other update. A very small counter to botting. From what I can see. Dax's WebWalking is in the making and it seems very promising as it has a very smart upload rate so the CPU usage will be very minimal as it will "load" only certain "regions" that is included from point A to point B. This is the thread for it as it is still in the process of being made. You can see the progress he has made. And so far, like I said. It looks very promising.
  5. Ill just put it here in case. Since I bought script and VIP-E since this downtime and didn't really look to see if I got an extension. Please look at my account :3 @TRiLeZ
  6. You can use the fairy-ring if you have unlocked it. You can use charter. You can also teleport using lunar (I think). I think those are the 3 ways of getting there. Fairy-ring will bring you to the north of Zeah and charter will leave you to the East. Teleport will Get you to the center statue (I think)
  7. Since update earlier today, NPCs have been nulled it seems like so tribot can not see certain NPCs so it probably cant see the bandits atm. This is also going on in other scripts.
  8. Scripts are never PERFECT. So stop expecting it to have every single fail safe and support. Just be polite and patient with the scripters. They are here to HELP us. They have more on their plate than any of us users can see. Complying with certain aspects of scripts and also trying to ensure all issues and support are met through-out all scripts. This is not the only script he has. And he probably has more in the making. At least be grateful about him actually replying and trying to support each and everyone of us unlike some scripters who make a couple of premiums and disappear.
  9. PM'd You
  10. Why? Does it matter? not trying to be rude but what's the difference if the script works? It did survive. but either way if I am venom'd and log into an account that gets hit 20+ or it going to the bank and getting a potion or something. Wouldn't that technically be the same thing? but the only difference is that it gets to keep going other than stopping the script? Recharging it manually before starting script is fine but scripts are made for lazy people (Like myself). All in all though, it has been a very successful script. This is coming from someone who has used both versions. You have improved the scripts in multiple ways and I have not been more pleased. with 2k kills of zulrah. P.S Could you please add me on skype? As there are multiple worthyTB, and I don't want to contact the wrong one? PM'd you skype name.
  11. Thank you very much for the quick fix. I will try and see if it is corrected in the next day or so. Also, tonight I ran the bot for about 4 hour and my serp helm became uncharged (Still wearing it) And it had just got done getting a kill and tele'd. Then logged out because there was no anti venom and it was venom'd. I am guessing this is a very rare occurrence as it had to be venom'd towards the end of a fight + the serp helm had to run out of charge during the run. But if it could run to bank and grab potions or recharge helm and then drink a potion. it would be awesome! Only thing in client debug is that it got stopped from being venom'd with no potions. So it logged.
  12. I have no idea if anyone is having this issue already. But last night my bot ran really smooth and got a ton of kills with little death. But once the ahrims broke (Which stopped the script saying it didn't have enough cash). I logged on today and the bot was at bob with ahrims in inventory but only 1600 gp in inventory (from finishing run). So I think it just doesn't grab money out to repair (Which I have enough to gp for repairs in bank). @Worthy
  13. You can use Tri combat&magic for magic splash/alch combo which can reach up to 170k exp per hour when using stun/alch. and probably still good for earlier levels. And I would recommend using it for combat as it does randomize attack styles on different targets and it can be used on most if not all NPCs and you can level up pretty legit looking by changing attack styles once a certain time/level is achieved.
  14. Make sure you have ring of recoil/ring of suffering as your ring in your equip setup.