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  1. This bot does not work anymore like it should be it sometimes changes to magic tab or prayer or whatever for anti ban human behavior, but then sometimes if it wants to drink potion it keeps right clicking over and over on earthstrike or some prayer over and over, it's a loop. I'm pretty sure this is an easy fix with if drink potion press esc first/ go to inv tab first.
  2. Does LG works 100% today? and the world hopper? no problems?(need to know before i subscribe again)
  3. doctor-olli

    TRiBot Release 9.305_9

    Does LG and world hopper works? need to know for purchase
  4. doctor-olli

    EASY-to-spot botting behavior - easy to BAN

    Will tribot fix this?
  5. doctor-olli

    EASY-to-spot botting behavior - easy to BAN

    Are you keen on sharing it :)?
  6. doctor-olli

    Scammed? - tribot

    hey @cohenv, this also happened to me a time ago. It could only have been tribot, I used mute crabkiller and my bank was suddenly gone, I did had my bank before using tribot without authenticator and was hacked when LG was down(i guess the scripter had nogwork on his bots so he checked out some accounts), also my paypal is not hacked and other MMO games with more valuable goods were not hacked, I'm pretty sure it was the scripter of mute crabkiller. They say there has been no evidence in not being hacked but there is also no evidence in saying that tribot was not the cause, you could just guess it and there are other people as well saying it could only have been tribot. The only solution is using an authenticator
  7. doctor-olli

    Literally No Scripts Working After Update?

    my combat script works fine for me, using LG
  8. doctor-olli

    TRiBot Release 9.305_4

    So if we all start botting again today we will get prob flagged? Better to wait some days no?
  9. doctor-olli

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Yeah of course we will get 'compensated' for not having LG which we paid for. And the word compensation is wrong IMO, it's supposed to be 'getting what you paid for' If you paid for 1 month subscription you get 1 month right, not 31-x days @Cairn that could be for you, but others only started their bot/membership because there was LG available. If there wouldn't have been LG some wouldn't have bought membership
  10. doctor-olli

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    I would also like to have my membership 'refunded/frozen' in like 7 days no LG 7 days added vip-E, I only bot with LG. If not I don't think I purchase again, yeah that's my customer attitude for everything I buy. (I do know programming and searching for errors can be intensive but that's part of the game and when u don't have to do that and your program works u get the money for it)
  11. the fun part is, runescape is dead without bots. It even is with bots..