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  1. shigafig

    How to get bot to auto-relog?

    aha, thank you!
  2. shigafig

    How to get bot to auto-relog?

    Hi, I know when I hit start script it says auto-relog on the bottom and to the right of that theres an empty space, I always type my email then space then my password but it never logs back in. where do I type in my info for it to log back in? thanks.
  3. everytime I hit start script it just says "non-vip users may only run free scripts 2 hours every 3 days" but im trying to get to my premium script. wth is this?
  4. shigafig

    Says im already running an instance?

    I got it working after I restarted my pc, thanks though.
  5. I powered off a virtual machine that was running tribot without closing tribot first. I opened the virtual machine again and tried running a script on tribot but it says im already running an instance but i'm not..?