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  1. Cheers! I'll be on the IRC when i can.
  2. As someone who has been training for 4 years and wants to be getting into competing. How advantageous is it having a trainer to get you to the next level?
  3. edit: posted in the wrong thread. Woops! First one looks good btw. Don't like the comic sans type writing.
  4. I'm always jealous of people with such low body fat %.
  5. Took a risk. Went to the gym while the bot was running and it got stuck in a random. I'm expecting a ban seeing as the bot was in the random for around 1 Hour. The bot is still in its early stages and hasn't come up with solutions to all randoms. I suggest people babysit their bots. I'm now going to suicide bot seeing as I don't think this account will last much longer.
  6. Welcome To Sevos' Road To 99 Fishing! Current Day: 1 Important Information: Time Botted Per Day: 6 + Hours Bot Used: DCatherbyFisher Progress Reports: This was before the bot failed a random. I've restarted it and should get another progress report up soon.
  7. Just a quick question. Is there a working IRC? If not; are there any plans to make one?
  8. This would be a great idea. You'd most likely need to get the permission of the script writers.
  9. Just something i've noticed: It takes a long time to go to the bank and come back. When it gets a full inventory it seems to stop for a while before making the decision to go to the bank.
  10. You can create the bin and scripts folder. Then you can add the scripts into there. okay so i added the folder "bin" in the tribot folder, and also added the folder "scripts" into the "bin" folder. I added my class file into scripts and botted up Tribot. the script doesnt come up in the store, where should i be looking!? thanks guys! It's not meant to come up in store. What you have to do is: Click on new client > Start script > Choose the script you downloaded.
  11. Stop creating new threads. Click on new client > start script > choose the script you downloaded.
  12. Load the client > Start script. It should give you a list of the scripts in your folder.
  13. You can create the bin and scripts folder. Then you can add the scripts into there.
  14. Did you load the client first? It should be greyed out until you load it.
  15. When you click on start script does it not allow you to choose a script?