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  1. why this script is not marked as outdated i just bought it, and it does not work well works aboout for hour, gets stuck on clues... can i get a refund please
  2. fpsnx


    claim down i removed it, i dont even know where i found it, if thats so important to you check sythe, lots of people has this sig
  3. fpsnx


    i found this gfs not here and not from you prove that is really yours lol probably you googled it tho
  4. Selling 07rsgp : 0.86-0.89€/m Buying 07rsgp : 0.74€/m Min amout 10M Im selling/buying only for Skrill To add my skype click here
  5. please make greave yard for low hp accounts couse if you have like 17 he eats when he has 2 hp and dies sometimes, or make it to select monually till what hp he should eat
  6. bump got 3m more add my skype and offer your rates!
  7. Current Stock : 8.5M RATE is 1:11 ADD MY SKYPE
  8. somtimes it randomly just stops no idea why, and with normal energy pots does not work it drinks em and just stands with empty vials
  9. gets stuck for while going to planks at varrock wall starts clicking over it, and then back and doing this for while, looks very botlike, if i use regular energypots he just takes one and stands, he should take two pots restore energy put vials to bank take logs and go to make planks, and can you please add how much planks per hour he makes, couse theres only gp/hr
  10. well after a while even fight npcs got stuck older version was working flawless..
  11. wow and now even better after using script for +20mins my all accounts got stuck standing like this and does nothing, do you even test when you do an update.. and please dont forget to add castle thieving paladins/knights, theres no point to use thieving npc's near stalls, everyone is falowing trying to talk and reports you, and with couple hours you get banned, stealing cakes only works if you choose fight npc, if you wont it get stuck .
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