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  1. RSGEOffer[] getOffers() question

    Just decompiled the GrandExchange class and it looks like it uses interfaces, I suppose the reason it may be working for me is when the bot opens the GrandExchange to perform a buy or sell the interface refreshes, I could have sworn that wasn't the case though. I assumed there were some settings that may have had the collection box information and the API were referencing those, the API really needs to be open-source so we can get a better understanding of what these methods are doing.
  2. RSGEOffer[] getOffers() question

    Yes I wrote it, hence reference "my" script.
  3. RSGEOffer[] getOffers() question

    That's strange because that has not been my experience when using the method. One of my scripts, without the GE open watches for changes in value of buying/selling items and does a collect say when then has been a 1m gp value change since last collect. The only time it opens the GE is when it is collecting/buying/selling.
  4. Proxies not working

    Proxies are magically working now.. Thanks all.
  5. Proxies not working

    Proxy information is definitely entered correctly, user/pass is all lower case and I've tried all 5 proxies now. Tribot works just fine if I don't select to use a proxy. I just tried deleting the .tribot folder in my app data and still not working.
  6. Proxies not working

    I purchased 5 proxies through proxyfish, I have verified all 5 proxies are working however when I attempt to use them through Tribot they will not work. I have tried setting the proxy at the Tribot login screen and also by the 'New Client (advanced)' - the client loading screen comes up with downloading gamepack###.jar and just sits there, after a few minutes I get a Java SE crash message. I have tried all 5 proxies and confirmed that this same behavior is present on my desktop and laptop. I only just yesterday upgraded from VIP to VIP extended - not sure if that has anything to do with it. What else can I try/check?
  7. You can build a PC to handle 30+ accounts for <$1000 Dual socket E5-2670, FaceBook saturated the market with these CPUs and they're absolute bargains, can get them for about $100 and they're 8 cores, 16 threads per CPU.
  8. API Source?

    Ok cool - I'll go down the route of writing my own methods for most things. I'm just getting some strange behavior that doesn't make sense, and not being able to see the source I don't have much faith in those methods. A quick example is the onscreen method returning false when half of a dragon is onscreen - clicking methods don't appear to be clicking models either - seems tile based which is quite poor.
  9. API Source?

    Are you an idiot?
  10. API Source?

    I am seeing some strange behavior in my scripts using methods in the Tribot API - specifically clicking and onscreen checks - is there an open source copy of the API anywhere so I can see what these methods are actually doing?
  11. botting pc

    Dual socket LGA2011 mobo and 2x E5-2670's - done!
  12. Introduction

    Hi all, I started playing Runescape back in 2004 and played up until early 2011, back then I was known by another handle, if you played back then and were involved in the pking/merchanting/black hat scene you most likely would know me but I won't be disclosing that handle. For some reason Runescape has peaked my interests again recently and I am considering getting back in to it, more for a money making scheme than anything else. During my stint of 'Scaping I owned my own private servers, co-owned merchanting clans, wrote scripts for Powerbot and Nexus I think it was called (mostly private scripts), exploited bugs, pked all around the wilderness in top main clans, had a fully maxed main (99 in every skill and 138? in dungeoneering) and combat maxed rune pure, from memory the most cash positive I ever got as part of the merchanting days were about 12b (with value of items being more than that - party hats at the time were worth more than max trade), I sold off many millions of gold and made what I thought was a lot of money for my age. I dabbled in black hat hacking, just the standard denial of services, botnet, remote admin tools, phishing, injection attacks, etc - once I turned 18 I exited that scene entirely. I quit Runescape about the same time I started studying IT, without Runescape I needed a new addiction which sadly became narcotics. I spent 2 years studying and being fucked off my head on whatever I could get my hands on. Once I had finished my diploma I started applying for jobs and landed a job at a resources company which luckily for me performs random drug testing which caused me to clean up my act. My current situation, I am a 24 year old Australian and work for a major diversified resources company, my job is quite broad which I enjoy very much, my general roles are database admin, systems admin and business intelligence. I have 8 years of Java experience, mostly just dabbling and self-teaching, 3 years of C# experience, yet again dabbling and self-teaching and 4 years of sql server experience of which I hold a MCSA. My hobbies include body building which I have been doing religiously for about 4 years now (enhanced), cars of which I own 3 (2010 Golf GTI, 1992 80 series landcruiser and 2001 hsv vx clubsport - I have spent almost $100,000 on purchasing and modifying my cars so far) and trading shares on the ASX (just an amateur). Anyways just saying hello