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  1. Heres a proggy of running the bot for about two weeks at 6 hours a day on a pure with 75 mage. Good script glad i bought it!
  2. script is goated anyone struggling prolly just doing something wrong beause this shit is flawless.
  3. yeah ive been using it. Looks like a really good script, your the man dude!
  4. Is this script still working?
  5. Have been using this script for about 300 barrows runs and it's amazing. Only thing I notice is that sometimes it takes out too many prayer pots and it fills the inventory. One time when this happened it clicked chest to get loot and the loot fell on the floor and the bot tele'd out.
  6. Script is terrible on seer's. Misclicks the beginning of the course and goes into bank/bank deposit then stops working.
  7. How are you running it for so long and not getting banned? What are your settings?
  8. Shout out Fluffee, dude is an animal. Spent around 30min team viewing me and getting my looking glass to work. Absolute legend!!!!
  9. Yeah just saw that people are having trouble logging in. Still can't get looking glass to work though so rip
  10. Whatever I do I can not get Looking glass to hook onto a client. I've followed multiple guides to a T, nothing works. I bought VIP-E so I could use looking glass and the fact that it's not working is very upsetting.
  11. Followed all the steps and looking glass still isn't working. I also can't even sign into the game at all through any clients I get stuck at "connecting to server". If anyone could help I would appreciate it, I bough vip-e so I could actually use these services.
  12. Everyone apparently has problems but mine's been running fine. At 96 strength currently, started at 88.
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