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  1. I tried it at a new location and it works now. I was having problems at castle wars bank. Thank you.
  2. I was using this for steel and it does not work, it sits at bank with mage spells open and does not withdraw or click on the bank. When i did click on the bank it pulled a full invent of iron out and no coal so I stopped it. And yes I am in lite mode.
  3. [19:37:22] DG Super Heat: We successfully solved the Pinball random.[19:37:23] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0[19:37:23] at scripts.DGSuperHeat.Banking(DGSuperHeat.java:179)[19:37:23] at scripts.DGSuperHeat.run(DGSuperHeat.java:136)[19:37:23] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[19:37:23] Script Ended: DG Super Heat. This is the message i keep getting, it ends the script right after
  4. Same problem And I do have it in lite mode
  5. If they were all in the same world or someone could have reported them.. I have found most of the time you get banned is because of someone reporting you.. The other time it is because of failed randoms and anti-bans and this script has a great anti ban and I believe tribot resolved the randoms.. So I imagine it is because someone reported all accounts :/
  6. I'm glad I could help You could probably contact him via Skype. Again, doomguard is pretty quick with changing things and Last time I checked he was working on another script so he might not know of that specific issue.
  7. Okay so first off what ore are you using? Second the mouse speed should be at about 210-220. Lastly, if it's iron it will tell you to "pull 1" if using iron or gold and and another box with similar instructions. Put that number into those boxes. Also, you must put your ore id in the second box to the left and the amount you wish to withdraw in the second box on the right side. Doomguard is also fantastic with aiding anyone so if that did not help please ask him. Ill ask him If I could make a video showing how to use it since it's a great idea but most scripts have id's implemented.
  8. This does risk exposure to cb. So this could expose low lvls to a situation where they could get killed so a ring of life is even more important. I see where you're going with this but you lose your arrows every 2 minutes so you would lose a lot of xp over time. There is however another solution. If the character has a high enough fletching lvl. There is a shop keeper that sells iron arrowheads so in theory the bot could make arrows if it had headless arrows in inventory when you ran out.
  9. I forgot to do the same, just message him over skype your details.
  10. Here is a 19 hour proggie.. Pretty amazing script tbh.. it was a lil slow cause of the cc i was in but here it is
  11. This would lessen the loss of the usage of arrows and you can get very lucrative seeds while doing this too. It does work I used for 7 hours yesterday and it worked beautifully. Might be an error on your end tho bro
  12. I am having this issue.
  13. Is the link posted the most updated one then?
  14. There was an update this morning.. Jagex pretty much resets all of its IDs after an update.. it's annoying