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  1. I've noticed this bot only works if your camera angle is faced a certain if it's faced another way it doesn't run right. You should look into this. Free bot i understand but a lot and when i say a lot there are a lot of flaws to this.
  2. ViP

    I had to use someone elses connection. It is still an Issue. :\
  3. Paying for this for what reason when it doesn't work?
  4. How does that even make sense? I haven't touched my provider.
  5. Why would it do this now? before I purchased vip and it worked fine.
  6. As that other post stated. It stays on a gray screen and gives me no options. Please Fix this.
  7. yes...I'd like to bot.
  8. Same thing is happening to me! What is going on?
  9. ViP

    I'm trying to Purchase ViP but It just stays in a Gray view and doesn't give me any other options? what's going on?