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  1. TRiBot Release 9.305_9

    My dude @Encoded's auto fisher is working flawless with LG. Fuck yeah.
  2. auto fisher pro not working !

    It's because of the update. AF Pro is the best script I've ever used and has kept many of my accounts safe for quite some time.
  3. Minnows currently not working after update @Encoded . Started at various spots on the platform and I get a critical error saying "start script on minnow platform". Look forward to this script being back up and running, it's the best I've used. Thanks buddy!
  4. Got my fishing acc from 84-88 in a few days with this script. Running about 4 hours before breaking, close to 9 hours/day botting than trading all my cash to a mule acc just in case. Going to bot another account up to minnows as well. This script was flawless for "my" 8hr trawler grind for the angler outfit and continues to impress. Honestly one of the best scripts I've ever used.
  5. nBarrows Teaser

    Script looks fantastic man. Can't wait for a release
  6. When does the script eat? Based on after you take a certain amount of damage or? I was about half health with food in inventory (and selected in settings) and it wasn't eating yet. Made me a little paranoid to run this while I'm away at work
  7. Been running this script for long hours on a few alt accounts, works flawless. Favorite script by far
  8. Last location before getting banned?: Rogues Den Skill botted?: Cooking Breaks or no? No If so how long?: No How long did you bot per day?: About 14hrs Banned before?: No Type of ban?: 48hr VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) No Scripts Used? Sigma Cooker Other Bots Used?: How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?:8/31 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Main acc, 2 years old I don't blame Sigma Cooker at all, the script is fucking amazing. I just got greedy and after it got me to 99, I was just cooking 11k sharks at a time and then selling them for profit. Thankfully I only got hit with the 48 hrs so I'll still keep all my gold and shit. Just a good warning for me to stop botting on my main acc. Does anyone know if they reset stats during a 48hr ban or how that works?
  9. Sent you a PM with some questions. I'm having trouble setting it up for some reason. I feel like an idiot.
  10. Thanks man. Here's a proggy for ya, started at lvl 7 using progressive mode, made it to 40 in 3 hours. Loving it at Catherby as well
  11. Not sure why but when trying to bait fish sardines at lumbridge river, the script auto closes after catching the first one. Tried both with status and prog mode, no luck on either way. New to the script so apologies if I'm making a simple mistake, but all the settings are ticked correctly and I tried restarting tribot a few times.