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  1. garless

    Is Wine Grabbing still a thing?

    with just coming back after years, im not sure where the hot spots are yknow. any suggestions?
  2. garless

    Wine Grabbing

    So i've found out. how is it everyone is botting them?
  3. garless

    Is Wine Grabbing still a thing?

    just wondering if wine grabbing is usable in rs. I have not found any link to successfully download. I see bots every server i join, and would be nice if someone had an answer.
  4. garless

    Wine Grabbing

    Hey there, I was interested in trying a wine grab bot for the up to date runescape and was wondering if anyone could assist me in downloading one. If possible, thanks.
  5. garless

    wine of zamorak

    Hello, I've been wanting to find a wine grabber lately for the newest rs and just seen this topic. Is this bot still obtainable and does it cost anything? Thanks