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  1. garless

    Coming back to osrs

    How do we get around banning? Both chars I started the other day are now disabled just from using the trials
  2. garless

    Coming back to osrs

    So its $6.50 plus the cost of whichever script, each month, every month. Definitely have to get up to date on the money making scripts
  3. garless

    Coming back to osrs

    Hey guys, just coming back to the OSRS life and looking to bot again. Question is which is the best route. Is mining still a good money maker? Are ban rates just as high? Just so I understand correctly, is it just $6.50/per month to run unlimited VIP scripts or is it $6.50 PLUS the cost of the script each month?
  4. Thank you. Sure beats filthys retarded comeback. There must be other free mining bots that weren't affected? Because all worlds are swarmed still.
  5. Hello, I apologize in advance if this is a simple fix but when I launch any of the free mining scripts(Auto Miner, Ironfarm, USA Miner, etc), the bot sets a tile graph and just stands there. Am I missing something?
  6. garless

    wine of zamorak

    Hello, I've been wanting to find a wine grabber lately for the newest rs and just seen this topic. Is this bot still obtainable and does it cost anything? Thanks
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