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  1. A few questions about the scripts in the repository: 1. Script Source Code Is the source code ever included with scripts? It would be helpful to study the code to see how things are programmed. 2. Local Scripts Do I need a VIP or VIP-E account to create and run my own local scripts? 3. Purchased Scripts After I purchase a script, is it installed automatically? Or do I still need to download it, and manually put it into the scripts folder? 4. Free Trials After I press the activate button for a free trial of a script, does it install automatically, or do I have to download it and put it into the scripts folder? 5. AIO I see a lot of scripts with "AIO" in their title. What does that mean? Thanks for any replies.
  2. Do you have any recommendations for starting up a new bot safely to minimize the chances of being flagged as a bot. Once I open a new account, and have a bot with zero gold and no experience, how should I ramp up to avoid detection? (I understand all the precautions for an established bot, so its just this initial phase with a new bot that I am wondering about). 1. Legit Content How much legit content and what type of legit activities should I be doing, and for how long? 2. Buying Gold It would look suspicious for a new character to suddenly have millions in the bank account. So when is it safe to buy gold offline, and have it delivered in game? Or should I just grind out the initial gold for a bond? 3. Buying A Bond Once I get enough gold, when is it safe to buy a bond? 4. Running Scripts When is it safe to start running scripts? Again, I don't want to be too obvious at the start by running a script too soon. 5. Anything Else? Please let me know if there is anything else that I should be considering. Thank you. Edit: The goal is for long term botting, not suicide botting.
  3. Do you have any recommendations on who I can sell my gold to? I am looking for someone that buys gold that is trustworthy with a proven track record. Thank you for any recommendations!
  4. This warning below was posted on the RS website. Just wondering if TriBot is affected by this or not? http://services.runescape.com/m=news/third-party-clients?oldschool=1
  5. Thank you for the great guide! What are your thoughts on botting safely in RS3? Is it possible using your guidelines. Or is the detection too good, and the ban rate too high in RS3?
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