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  1. Thanks for the reply. For local scripts, do I need VIP or VIP-Extended?
  2. A few questions about the scripts in the repository: 1. Script Source Code Is the source code ever included with scripts? It would be helpful to study the code to see how things are programmed. 2. Local Scripts Do I need a VIP or VIP-E account to create and run my own local scripts? 3. Purchased Scripts After I purchase a script, is it installed automatically? Or do I still need to download it, and manually put it into the scripts folder? 4. Free Trials After I press the activate button for a free trial of a script, does it install automatically, or do I have to download it and put it into the scripts folder? 5. AIO I see a lot of scripts with "AIO" in their title. What does that mean? Thanks for any replies.