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  1. I've been out of the botting scene for quite a while. I've read about jagsnex making algorithms that can easily detect people using popular bots and whatnot etc. My question is are there any bots worth "safely botting" on my main that wouldn't risk too much of a chance to be caught? And could i purchase those and vip e using osrsgp? Thank you very much for any and all comments :)
  2. Bought some creds way while back. Bought them just now too. Both times has to be faster than any other gold site i've ever used.
  3. I deleted the tribot folder and it was able to fetch my equipment, and then it didn't withdraw and food or potions even though i had monkfish and pots turned on. And then it withdrew 1 zulrah tele, used it, and was gonna try kill zulrah with no supplies.
  4. @Worthy Just bought this and cannot even run it. It makes no sense how it does what it does. But when i grab equipment for mage armor, while having ahrims and trident equipped and an empty inventory, the bot will grab the gear of me wearing red dhide and using a rune cbow. It doesn't matter what armor i have on, it always grabs me in red dhide with a rune cbow. The helmet, ring slot change though, just not weapon or legs or top. I would also like to say i tried deleting everything runescape and bot based off of my vps and it didn't change anything.
  5. Yohojo's isn't automated it requires a chat from the site. which is offline every time i check and he doesn't respond on skype either. The only automated one i found was quickrsgp but they're offline as well as their automated system not working.
  6. Hello i'm looking to buy 17 tribot credits and will pay 22m osr for it. That is all.
  7. After entering in the "Larder space" and then typing in "Oak larder" it stops the script and returns that error.
  8. Just purchased this script. I cannot run it at all. The option to choose presets shows none available, and the option to create one as well doesn't exist in the gui. It won't let me start it without choosing or making a preset, and the options to choose or make a preset aren't in my gui.
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