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  1. The script cannot switch between inventory and prayers tab from what i observed. It saying activating heal flick because its been 10-50 secs but doesnt switch to prayer tab or clicks on quick prayer. I have to manually switch it to and from prayer to inventory tab. Please look into this Erick. Edit: just observed again, it cant switch between any tabs such as special attacks, inventory, and prayer tabs. Could it be because i am using LG? I highly doubt it though
  2. Not sure what im doing wrong, maybe make the script could be more user friendly by having a scroll down option on potions you want to withdraw from bank and etc. Its asking me for a weapon ID which i use a toxic blowpipe, which isnt in the ID list that is in the script. I add the items to withdraw from bank and nothing happens either. The script just ends itself everytime, even in NMZ. Currently using a free script which has proven superior already, very user friendly just need to be in NMZ. If you could please point me in the right direction
  3. Thanks that helped find it. Does this script currently work? I tried using it and it ends itself everytime. I add the weapon ID and item to withdraw and the level of difficulty (rumble hard) and press start nmz but the script doesnt do anything and just ends itself. I also started the script already in the NMZ and it just walked to the center and ended itself?
  4. I just purchased this script and it is impossible to run in combat! It asks for Item ID which i searched for for an hour and finally gave up! why dont you put the popular options in a drop down list to make it easier! Why make us suffer. I purchased your script but am now using a FREE NMZ one because it was more user FRIENDLY and im actually USING it. Thanks for nothing and enjoy my $10
  5. Hi im new to botting and was asked for items ID to withdraw from bank. I need the item ID for overload (4) and rune crossbow. I looked through the whole data base over and hour and only found the Prayer (4). If someone has some knowledge on the item ID for these items your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Also using ExNightmareZone, pain in the butt, the free ones for NMZ have been 10x easier and actually work.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Hi i just purchased Tribot VIP and i heard something about LG, can someone explain further upon this? As far as i know it helps not getting banned, but how do i set it up and start using it? Thanks