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  1. Hey can you add the fruit stall in Kourends land? Its the best trainning method from 25-58 so i think alot of people will be using it. Thanks
  2. Yes can you add topaz bracelets? great XP/GP per hour atm. I will pay. Edit: no other script in tribot currently supports topaz bracelets so you would be the first.
  3. @Usa Can you add support for the new silver jewerly? So far no one on Tribot has support for it! Will buy when added. Thanks. More specifically the topaz jewelry.
  4. goku12

    AlphaCrafter Pro

    Hi when can you add the new silver jewelry added to the game. More specifically topaz jewelry
  5. We need a new crafting script. There is currently none that support the new silver jewerly!!
  6. Hi im trying to start up the bot, but it is asking me to pick a java version, but i have no clue which one to pick. gives me option for jre or jdk, also for x86. which one? Thanks
  7. Wow thank you so much for this! Im sure a lot of people miss it too. Maybe they will make it a bigger option soon?
  8. i 100% guarantee you its not. it only has the scroll down option for credit card and coupon code.
  9. So im trying to buy from TRIBOT but they only accept through (STRIPES) Credit card payments. Bad thing is that i have a discover card and stripes credit card payment doesnt accept DISCOVER. PLEASE HELP. WHY is tribot so limited?? Do they not want my money!!!!!!!l
  10. The script cannot switch between inventory and prayers tab from what i observed. It saying activating heal flick because its been 10-50 secs but doesnt switch to prayer tab or clicks on quick prayer. I have to manually switch it to and from prayer to inventory tab. Please look into this Erick. Edit: just observed again, it cant switch between any tabs such as special attacks, inventory, and prayer tabs. Could it be because i am using LG? I highly doubt it though
  11. Not sure what im doing wrong, maybe make the script could be more user friendly by having a scroll down option on potions you want to withdraw from bank and etc. Its asking me for a weapon ID which i use a toxic blowpipe, which isnt in the ID list that is in the script. I add the items to withdraw from bank and nothing happens either. The script just ends itself everytime, even in NMZ. Currently using a free script which has proven superior already, very user friendly just need to be in NMZ. If you could please point me in the right direction
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