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  1. Andrew Cohen

    "Human mouse data cannot be found"

    The program then said something about the encryption key not being found, how do i find the encryption key for human mouse data? Thanks.
  2. Who can make me a script to get 99 rune crafting, it doesnt have to be extremely fast or is there a premium script that has a user thats made it to 99 with no ban?
  3. Andrew Cohen

    GThieving AIO [Open source][REWRITTEN 10.2017][ABC2]

    Im sorry to say this script has out of nowhere stopped working for me, i tried updating java, downloading latest idk with no luck Any suggestions guys?
  4. Id like my money back, as on Mac os this script doesnt work at all and causes tribute to crash.... how to I get a refund?
  5. Andrew Cohen

    Antiban is not working as of feb 15TH, 5 accounts banned.

    well eventually you will be caught, i didnt think it would happen to me just be carefull
  6. I have been able to get 99 magic and 80 strength no problem before this, running 2-3 accounts on the same ip. Feb 13 i set up 3 auto fighter usa scripts and a woodcutting one, all on the same ip(maybe my mistake) two laters later , even giving the accounts breaks, i log in to find many of my accounts banned, i try botting woodcutting on another and it was instantly banned. what could jagex be watching? is my ip no longer good or do u guys think any account ever used through my ip is flagged for macro? Also if someone could explain how to change ip's with tribot that would be awsome. obviously the best option would be to stop botting and im never botting on my 2 surviving accounts again but id like to bot some new accounts.
  7. Andrew Cohen

    GThieving AIO [Open source][REWRITTEN 10.2017][ABC2]

    how many ppl have gotten to 53 thieving using this with no ban?
  8. when opening the jar I'm not given the option to start a script in the rs client, and the button to start one remains dull.
  9. Andrew Cohen

    money making and does Mac os work

    i have two questions in the title. was wondering if having a mac had anything to contribute to me being banned, or whether it processes scripts differently in some way. another question is, what bots do u guys know 100% won't get me banned if used sparingly and checked on every 30 minutes? as i have just bought myself a great runescape account for a hefty price after being banned and i may train everything by hand(if there are safe bots let me know). i would like to setup a lower level account(s) with gold making scripts, preferably f2p and was wondering if anyone has suggestions.
  10. Andrew Cohen

    Perm Ban

    yea i bottled with a premium combat bot and it was doing bizarre things but no ban. i then used a very functional flax to bowstring and i instantly got banned do u think jag looks for clicking speed or playing time mostly?
  11. Andrew Cohen

    Perm Ban

    okay thank you. my highest stat was 60 attack and i had fighters torso so I'm not that much at a loss but my rs3 version had 99 fishing which kinda sucks plus i lost 20m old school gp i should have been more careful
  12. Andrew Cohen

    Perm Ban

    i was using a crafting bot called months spinner and got a macro major. can someone please tell me why this happened is there a certain amount of hours in a day that i should bot? is the reason i got banned because i bottled all night and then played for real all day? no one ever reported me because id wake up once in a while and check the chat logs. I'm at a loss rn as i think i lost my membership money, and i payed for this bot that doesn't even work. what scripts are safe?