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  1. AUTOBUY (BUY 24/7): https://rocketr.net/buy/266de1c462ad Price: $1.5 USD per code (Paypal & Bitcoin & Ethereum) or 1.5M OSRS. (No RS3, I got plenty of that) Code gives you:- 1 month RuneScape membership (both rs3 and osrs obviously) Prime Colossus legendary pet (RS3) 15 Treasure Hunter Keys (RS3) 200 RuneCoins (RS3) These codes will only work until May 8, 2017 and can be used once per account I'm active on discord, skype, and on the forums. But please post on the thread to me know if you message me Skype: puppyiover101 Discord: PuppyLover101 #0530
  2. Image doesn't work... One of the main reasons I paid $1.50 more.. Please fix?
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