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  1. sangdizzle9

    Tribot lag?

    Fixed this issue. My ram for the client was set at 312, and I set it around 600 and runs smoothly.
  2. sangdizzle9

    Tribot lag?

    My CPU is i7 4790k. https://gyazo.com/07385920d2a961b61ff69f86de5e354b
  3. sangdizzle9

    Tribot lag?

    Hi everyone, I have 16GB of ram and I have two bots running at the same time for the same skill. When they are both running, it seems laggy, and I'm not using as nearly as much 16 GBs, so I was wondering why am I lagging? https://gyazo.com/6e0a35c993acc8da8999a7e5765b5fc5 this gif gyazo, shows the bot running and lagging. This is my ram that currently being used https://gyazo.com/af561ddba57c72da80b2729ee918b57c Hope to get this resolved. Cheers, Sangdizzle9