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  1. the reversals just hit my account, thanks guys
  2. thanks fluffee
  3. yeah im looking at my bank statements rn, even charged a 1.00 check card fee twice? i was only buying 5 credits but i mean i want that script lol and i tried to buy a second time and it didnt go thru at all
  4. so i was buying credits so i could buy a script when it told me the postal code was wrong and it wasnt so my account got charged but i wasnt awarded with any credits... what do i do?
  5. theres an issues when it attempts to bank & withdraw food.. trying to get it to withdraw 14 lobster, havent gotten a chance to look at what it does but will update once i see how it trys to withdraw them
  6. you should put this in the main post as well... seems like its a big problem for all mac users.. including myself
  7. when i click on random.dat it says i have no programs available to run it, what program do i need?
  8. it doesnt show up in my bot.. not sure why.. post a thread/link to a tutorial or fix the issue please