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  1. the reversals just hit my account, thanks guys
  2. thanks fluffee
  3. yeah im looking at my bank statements rn, even charged a 1.00 check card fee twice? i was only buying 5 credits but i mean i want that script lol and i tried to buy a second time and it didnt go thru at all
  4. so i was buying credits so i could buy a script when it told me the postal code was wrong and it wasnt so my account got charged but i wasnt awarded with any credits... what do i do?
  5. theres an issues when it attempts to bank & withdraw food.. trying to get it to withdraw 14 lobster, havent gotten a chance to look at what it does but will update once i see how it trys to withdraw them
  6. you should put this in the main post as well... seems like its a big problem for all mac users.. including myself
  7. i can see what i can do if you want, but for now delete that script from your tribot scripts folder and try running some simple tools, also if you are willing i can try to see what i can do thru screen sharing on skype or teamviewer
  8. tough just drag the .class files, and it could just be a specific script that was doing it, i know in the nonlite mode if you drag an extra folder or file it does it the same thing, message me and i can see what else i can do via skype or teamviewer if you want altough im not sure if teamviewer works on a mac
  9. who ever recommended the looter. DONT LOOT all it does is piss off pkers (me being one of them)
  10. it ended up working, i think it was just the script but i ended up getting it to work once i added a few more scripts to the bot, no longer have the issue, thank you for the guide though! you're the only one who give step by step instructions. and its OS 10.8.4 recently purchased the macbook air so everything is updated EDIT: the script that was giving me the issue was Yasunas Woodcutter if that helps at all
  11. when is the wilderness support going to be loaded? definately will purchase after that update
  12. ask them to pm you their skype name and if theyre trading with you make sure you take screenies asking if they're trading with you and what not, the more screenies the better in my opinion
  13. when i add the .class it doesnt allow me to hit start script
  14. was this script ever released? im willing to buy
  15. wilderness runite miner please!