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  1. Okay My screan is flickering left to right and shaking about evrey 3 seconds. Also the login bot will not work. It just keeps retyping my Username. Do i have to wait for the new patch or am i doing something wrong.
  2. Thinking of purchasing scipt, if i run this 4-6 hours a day am i looking at a ban? or did you do everything you can to minimize the chances?
  3. okay so far ive been loving this script, however tribot has to fix some issues because i am paying top dollar for a scipt and it keeps telling me i can only run one instant when that is all im doing. I try all the recommended fixed but it still takes a few hours to work. Basically im wasting my money when i cant use the script
  4. What would you say would be a safe amount of time to use this scipt per day