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  1. MrBigShot81


    u should post how u fix in main post for when someone look up same problem they can fix
  2. if u using same computer network in same house, y cant u just use same account then? since it same IP how can someone know? and if anything u are just botting for you brothers... it not like you scamming or anything it dumb to pay 4x the times really
  3. if they check list of the report name then it could make u get a ban..i mean why else the report there??
  4. MrBigShot81

    Tribot Dying?

    i am back from a while ago it looks the same to me
  5. i think i am wrong i am trying to understand, you saying to make it white??
  6. what u mean if text white then they see nothing? im confuse
  7. Scammer's Username: jebbyoLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/10408-jebbyo/ BELOW MANY EVIDENCE AND DETAIL How they scam: He banned on many sites for many reason like scam when he sell flagged proxies His past names Smokes420, Salentrepa and more his Real name Jake Smoak His last scam site PayPal in his moms or some lady he know name Mary Smoak where he sell flag proxies take money and run give no support Picture and links for proofs: Here you can see one of his old scam report, and old names, Salentrepa, Smoke420, city dreams\snuggz and many more: http://www.sythe.org/threads/salantrepa.1806437/ Here you can see skype name showing real name of banned user Smoke420 "Jake Smoak": http://i.imgur.com/YaJ64Ay.png Source for skype picture: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/33660-smoke420-scammed-me/ In these two pictures you can see cashrune.com under his mom name Mary Smoak like his old scamming proxy site: http://i.imgur.com/Nqo2uTu.png http://i.imgur.com/GSYzKpM.png Source for above: me I buy to show In these two pictures you can see Mary Smoak charge back scam tribot scripter on August 13th he post it in my thread when i report on sythe he help me get scammer banned http://i.imgur.com/k2AiwOw.png http://i.imgur.com/sB9cDQU.png Source for above pictures: http://www.sythe.org/threads/cashtro-is-a-ban-evader-v2.2212199/#post-18881503 This also prove if they say that account just cause they forget site file or config thing that they lie. PayPal invoice clearly show the name on actual PayPal holding your forum user monies is Mary Smoak, a scammer from past. Also if they say they just forward' money to boss this also a lie. The two charge back picture show Mary Smoak pay for account creator and charge back this account creator was for they business to use to make account and they sell ready accounts for botting so no it not forward they use it for all business. ALSO If they say they not know smoke or they not smoke, also here is proof Powerbot Moderator ban CashTro on there cause he had IP match with banned user Snuggz who use the skype Jake.Smoak: http://i.imgur.com/syVjUJ5.png So it is him powerbot confirm it if not why banned user smoke420 (jake.smoak) on cashtro account for an IP match if CashTro is not Jake.Smoak (banned user) User have been banned on Sythe OSbot Powerbot and i post dispute on more but those mods very slow.... i report here to pm and i see user still unban so idk what I work on PC for oakdice so i have many time to stop him from scam again he scam oakdice for 20 proxy in past if u will not ban i want refund for this also please get scripter to post here because he say he from here so if he post u can see i am truthful but he also post on sythe that i link u can see also i can do skype but moderator who speak my language would help to make it quick thank u
  8. i dont think stealing someones customers on their own thread is allowed lol
  9. if a private method becomes public its not a private method anymore. if people have private methods that are old that they no longer do they still wont share em
  10. asking for people to give you their private methods is a good way to get laughed at and flamed. go out in the work and find one then pay to get it made.
  11. higher level accounts with a lot of play time get banned less it looks like from what ive seen
  12. How can anyone know? we dont work at jagex just play it safe botting isnt easy
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