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  1. Just one account,I have small needs. Fresh proxy, created on it as well. around 8-10 hours. It was level 3. Unpopulated.
  2. Very nice, could I bother to ask how many items are on your list? I really need to tweak my list. Also, I'm having trouble saving separate lists. It seems to only let me have one list? When I try to save it just overwrites the default over and over.
  3. SO jealous. You using full AI or full customized on each item? Getting 50 - 100k per hour with 15 item list of smaller items and 50k with 9 larger item list.
  4. To all, item list of 9 items (not supper cheap items) and it's only using 6 GE slots. It touched all items but after successful flips it's no longer touching them.
  5. Trying the trial right now. It's not checking for margins. The box that allows for that is grayed out as well EDIT also wondering how the idle system works. Seems to logout quite a lot. Is that normal account behavior?
  6. I tried running it today and my client froze twice in a row. One the third attempt it says that it's already running the maximum amount of instances. So ending the Tribot process did not end the instance either. Not sure why it's freezing but could you knock off those instances so I can try again? Thanks.
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