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  1. they are taking you for a ride. If you don't plan on using them in the future just call up your bank and tell them whats up.
  2. Yeah, get in live chat with them and you should be able to get them to refund it. Or just call up your card provider and tell them to charge it back, but i'm sure virmach will refund it themselves if you threaten to charge it back.
  3. You are also going to need VIP-E to use proxies. I bet that is the issue.
  4. extra applesauce
  5. banned @ 88 hours https://gyazo.com/aaae4d4ffc53a8d8d57019195a5dc10a nearly paid for lifetime unlimited in 1 proggy 8D
  6. it isn't cost effective to buy top of the line stuff. It would be WAY cheaper to buy 4 computers that each run 25 bots each. I got a crappy tower last year from an office building sale for like 75 bucks, and it can run 20 clients easy.
  7. I'm sure a private scripter would be happy to make something like this for you
  8. Taking bets to see how long it lasts (hourly rates are low because of breaks)
  9. can i just pick any port above 1023? or is there a port that is generally used for this sort of thing. Thanks
  10. Any plans on adding the dark beast spot for runite ore? I could potentially get you an account to test it on if you needed it.
  11. I think if you set the script to loot your ammo, and set that ammo as your primary ammo it will re-equip it. If that doesn't work you can add Tri's skype. He's very helpful and can help you get everything set up. You can find his skype in this thread
  12. 1. tor browser 2. not going to advert a specific service or another, but there are people who sell them on this site 3. the proxy will only affect the particular tribot client, it wont slow down the rest of your internet
  13. I would make the account on the proxy if you are planning on keeping the account for a while, because it could make a diff. Personally, on my suicide farms, I just make all the accounts on Tor or with script on a single ip.