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  1. banned @ 88 hours https://gyazo.com/aaae4d4ffc53a8d8d57019195a5dc10a nearly paid for lifetime unlimited in 1 proggy 8D
  2. Lizzzerd

    Massive botting rigs

    it isn't cost effective to buy top of the line stuff. It would be WAY cheaper to buy 4 computers that each run 25 bots each. I got a crappy tower last year from an office building sale for like 75 bucks, and it can run 20 clients easy.
  3. Lizzzerd

    Hosting script for 07 OSRS

    I'm sure a private scripter would be happy to make something like this for you
  4. Taking bets to see how long it lasts (hourly rates are low because of breaks)
  5. can i just pick any port above 1023? or is there a port that is generally used for this sort of thing. Thanks
  6. Any plans on adding the dark beast spot for runite ore? I could potentially get you an account to test it on if you needed it.
  7. Lizzzerd

    Tri AIO combat and magic help

    I think if you set the script to loot your ammo, and set that ammo as your primary ammo it will re-equip it. If that doesn't work you can add Tri's skype. He's very helpful and can help you get everything set up. You can find his skype in this thread
  8. Lizzzerd

    Is it enough

    1. tor browser 2. not going to advert a specific service or another, but there are people who sell them on this site 3. the proxy will only affect the particular tribot client, it wont slow down the rest of your internet
  9. Lizzzerd

    Is it enough

    I would make the account on the proxy if you are planning on keeping the account for a while, because it could make a diff. Personally, on my suicide farms, I just make all the accounts on Tor or with script on a single ip.
  10. Lizzzerd

    Proxy Service:

    You need to buy proxies elsewhere. Buying vip just allows you to use them with the client. Make sure the proxies are SOCKS5 proxies. You should be paying about 3 dollars per month per proxy. Be careful where you buy them or you could get flagged ones. I would shop around a bit before making your choice.
  11. Tried running the script on a mid level account over the past few days. Ban evasion going much better now. Seems to me that the ban rate is greatly affected by combat/total level. one of my proggies(could have had a 70-80 hour one if my power didnt go out): This is with 2:1 play:break ratio, so 16 hours/day. Great xp(averaging 39k xp/hr while it is actively playing)
  12. Lizzzerd

    Zulrah Bots

    wouldnt even do that tbh. Ban rate seems very high
  13. Just recently got this script. Been eating a lot of bans though, even on fresh ips with breaks at both mlm and iron powermining. Trying to get an account to 85. Anyone have any tips?
  14. Lizzzerd

    The best methods to avoid bans.

    This is really good advice. If you are going to try to farm high level content with multiple accounts. I would just train them up by hand to reduce ban rates significantly. If you do half and half and get banned early a lot of invested time/money is wasted