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  1. IMO, it doesn't hurt. That's a good idea, although, will it flag you and make you look extra suspicious?> HM ya never know! Good luck tho man.
  2. as of yet, my limit has not been lifted to 125, but i can sell 5 Credits for 5m and i will do just that if you would like. Thanks. Note: Just to inform you, anyone with less than 100 posts and/or that hasn't been a member for 62 days cannot transfer credits.
  3. the problem is you went to Virmach lol. I know just the solution (see below) This proxie site is operated by a Mod here on tribot so you know its safe, @Montreal provides a fantastic service and i have NEVER recieved a flagged proxie. Theres a way to renew current proxies so you can keep it longer than a month, you can even pay with RSGP , Bitcoin or paypal! Also on the website you find on your right hand side a guide on how to use proxies with tribot. Hope this helps and i hope you follow my advice, i always like to say you get what you pay for but you paid $5 for a flagged proxie, what virmach does is re use the same proxies over and over untill someone reports it flagged. Montreal discards them after the first person is done with them and they are never to been seen again. You really wont regret it man. Cheers and good luck!
  4. I was 6 foot at 140 pounds (age 21) this was 3 years ago, i went to my doctor and told him i had a problem gaining weight and he told me thats normal. im young , to eat 3 meals a day, and to exersize. Well i do just that now and im not fat, nor slim. As pretty much everyone else said. Eat eat eat and exercise. But thats what i did and thats what works for me!
  5. Have you tried searching it? i believe i saw somewhere that if you submit 20-21 copy's or what not of your own you will have access to it but dont quote me. Im not sure, just something that i think i know because i think i saw it somewhere... How ever @YoHoJo would deff know this! @rsironmanbot
  6. i had multiple accounts per each proxie and it took 3 months for me to pay the price. WHOLE FARM BANNED!
  7. man the smithing/smelting script i use is only 5 bucks and its amazing. Scripted by alphadog. Never had any problems with it, and as far as free scripts, i suggest you try @Druid's out, if it has bugs try filling out the proper information and he will fix it when he has the time! @GoofyMcGoof all 3 premium scripts written by druid i own and they're all flawless. The only reason i can see one of his scripts not working is because he has not been informed that there is a bug. Cheer and Good Luck man.
  8. You cannot use the gift cards to purchase credits last i checked., However you can get credits from the market, i will sell you 5 credits for 4.5m! Let me know. I will not go first however we can use a trusted MM from Tribot.
  9. Hey, i got my VIP given back to me, i theres so many people that it effected that it just is a work in progress. No one is perfect and all the admins are busy bro. I feel your pain, i had well over 5 scripts that i pay for monthly that i missed out on and no one has seen any Comp for that but i guess we gotta take what we can get. Im just grateful that Tribot is back up ya know?
  10. That thing in your sig is sweet. Your doing big things bro (thats big to me atleast) im happy for ya . Gratz! @Duhstin

  11. Never got a reply via messenger. @burntish
  12. I had this same exact problem man! That's funny because i went to @iFluffee for help, he has helped me so much in the past and im grateful for it. (thanks again @iFluffee) So yeah same scenario, was botting for about 2 weeks and out of no where i started getting the Denied thing too when the LG client wouldn't start. I had turned off my firewall that i had via McAfee . Well somehow the windows firewall ended up turning on , (my computer had an updated which i think that did it) and it took me 4 hours to get it working again. But i did delete the tribot folder by typing in %appdata%, i ran a new client (Non LG) and when i tried the LG client i actually got the windows firewall thing asking for permission even tho i had no idea it was on because it shouldn't have been on!
  13. Just spoke with you on Skype, i sent the PM you requested.
  14. iv gotten to lvl.... 60.. and ofc i use LG! The way i see it is use LG...................... or die