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  1. Rohm

    Best Runecrafting Script?

    I have been unable to succeed using any of the premium RC scripts on here. Although iv'e heard of people who have heard of people being very successful !
  2. Rohm

    Bic's HAM Alcher

    @Bic Nice dude, its cool to see some new stuff! Good luck
  3. Rohm

    human mouse movemnet?

    I took a pic so you know where to look for it.
  4. Rohm

    New and need help :o

    Your new Bible @HeroNecker659 https://tribot.org/forums/forum/6-tutorials/
  5. Some people have dynamic sigs and you need to allow access to that ip for it to gather the info. It also does other shit i really have no idea about
  6. Rohm

    Credit issue with PP

    Okay i checked and its the 23rd! cheers man glad it worked.
  7. Rohm

    Credit issue with PP

    if you want ill sell you some credits. My limit is at like 120/125 last i checked and wont be going anywhere untill the 30th ! however i can sell you what i have left @ $1 / credit via paypal bro.
  8. Rohm

    Looking Glass won't hook

    Have you seen the "noob tut to looking glass with pics" ?
  9. Rohm

    Card declined problem

    i sell credits too. $1 / Credit My limit is 125 but currently im @ 115/125. Tomorrow i should be at like 70/125
  10. Rohm

    Best Free AIO combat script?

    Tri's combat script comes with a 10 hr trial... after that 10 hrs i bet you'll buy it
  11. Rohm

    Recent Downtime and Updates

    Gotcha thanks. Ill take soon as in the next 31 days so i'm good because i just got another month today
  12. Rohm

    Recent Downtime and Updates

    @Todd @TRiLeZ @Usa Have we been compensated for the VIP already? im not really sure as i don't pay much attention to VIP days as i just renew it when i go to use LG and it won't work. If not do we have an ETA?
  13. Rohm

    What does everyone use for gold farming?

    Theres one that will turn clay into soft clay!
  14. Rohm

    script recommendation??

    hm are they?