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  1. @xCode Hey man, just wanted to tell you that your scripting work is amazing. I'm really impressed by your scripts. Just wanted to let you know your doing a hell of a job and to keep up the good work. Cheers bro
  2. What makes it worthy is that its made by @Mute I mean try this out its amazing bro
  3. Its a shame how much Soft Clay went up. its about 200 Gp now with law runes being 215ea and house tabs being 620 each is a small profit now, I remember when soft clay was about 86 each and man oh man... This script is Flawless! problably the only one I trusted on my main that I ran over 5 hours in one day. Very good script.!
  4. @Butta Haha I was hoping that I wasn't the only one who picked that up!
  5. oh god no what is the world coming too? 70% of tribot wont be able to get credits now! lol we will always find a way xD
  6. man I really feel like just coping and pasting what @yojoedude always says but instead ill tag him and let him hit ya with it xD! Note: get bitcoin, visit Coinbase.com for info. 100% safe.
  7. Join the club! this also happened to me. The fraud system here is ... lets say.... okay I got it, lets say your trump right? and its like you going to a stripclub right? nvm, yeah the fraud system here is tuff. this happned to me and I got a coinbase account and just paid via bitcoin. That will always work because you cant take back the payment. Once its paid. oh boy its paid !
  8. It is kinda semi really not easy to make a coin base but you can. I made one and yeah its annoying but I had my tribot credits in 15 mins. After a phone call to the bank and uploading my ID... but I still had my credits!!!!! Try buying Bitcoin via Coinbase. If you go to coinbase.com you can read all about it.
  9. you could do that, tag them in a post or add them on skype. I know @iFluffee always responds to my questions and is very helpful. Other than that I just keep in mind that they are very busy people. Theres kind of a chain of command going on here. Ya address the lower downs before the higher up's xD
  10. yeah haha was just about to tell ya that good luck man
  11. good luck with that acc man. I'm already excited for you !
  12. @Aropupu love your scripts man. if ran responsibly bans are non-existent , 4 months no ban from your scripts. Cheers and Good Luck, keep up the good work. -Rohm
  13. delete the hook.dat. type in %appdata% right click on the tribot folder and delete. be weary as this will delete any accounts or proxies or settings saved on tribot. I'm almost certain this will fix your problem. Cheers & Good Luck - Rohm
  14. oaky thanks for the info and help @Arctic