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  1. It is still very possible to bot successfully, the best advice I can give you would be location, location, location... If you bot in open spots that have already been infested with bots your account is unlikely to survive... However, if you bot in remote areas that are "un-farmable" (Lack drops that are worth Gp) you are less likely to be banned in game from a mod... Some more advice I can offer is to not invest all your eggs into one basket expecting a brilliant result, research your script of choice & method/s before investing more time.
  2. Overall a very nice script for something still in BETA, unfortunately due to the demand of Clay & the amount of bots currently farming the rocks makes this almost un-farmable resulting in a lot competition & price falls across all low level rocks. Although this may be the case this script still produces some good results, my suggestion would be to add rock selection so those farming & power mining can select specific rocks. I will keep an eye on this script an continue to test new updates for future gold farming opportunities.

    Purchasing VIP

    It is a fairly straight forward process of navigating to the credit purchase page and selecting the option "Unable to use these payment options?" this will direct you to the PayPal verification page. From here its following the on screen instructions which will include: entering your valid PayPal email address, verifying that email address by confirming via an email TRiBot will send you... This process took me no longer than 60 seconds to complete.
  4. Tau Grand Exchange is a merchant script that uses the Grand Exchange to buy items at a "fair" cheap price & sell at a higher rate... The more Gp you start with in your account... The more items the script can merch at anyone time, this means more Gp income per hour... However, my suggestion to you would be get a feel for TRiBot & experiment with more than one script in more than one place.

    Purchasing VIP

    TRiBot also excepts PayPal payments for credits to purchase VIP & Scripts... However you will need to confirm & verify your account before you can purchase any credits through TRiBot...
  6. Gave this a little test last night mining 5,000+ clay, will be nice to see this script complete... Planning to run a few more miners over the next 15-24 hours in which I will collect you a progress report to use. The only issues I've found is that you can only save one profile at any one time & web-walking can be a bit of an issue between locations...
  7. The script ran through Tutorial Island flawlessly including banking (Lumbridge Castle) Moving through the tasks was a little slow, however I have a feeling the ABCL10 anti-ban system is the cause. The GUI Is feature rich offering multiple selections from action delays to fishing both shrimp before cooking (Tutorial Island) allowing to input your own personal preference into the script. I personally will be using @UsaTutorial Island solver for future accounts!
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