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Adolf Hitler

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  1. How do I get it to only pick up arrows in groups of 2+? I tell the bot to loot - Bronze arrow (2) Bronze arrow (3) ect yet it still collects single arrows.
  2. @tri Hey great bot. How do you get it to loot & wield arrows in f2p? If not possible how do you get it to just loot your arrows?? Under looting setting < Activate looting < List of items to loot, I've typed and tried every combination of ways to loot iron arrows ranging from 2-15. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Hitler
  3. @Tri Hey, I've been using your trial before i buy your bot and have run into pathing issues when returning to custom spots from the bank. Currently I'm at the Traverly druids and the bot runs to the monastery by Edgeville instead of back to the spot. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a custom pathing option that isn't available on the trial versions? Edit: If i manually enter the dungeon the bot will then make it to the druids on its own.
  4. I faked my death, I live in the Andes Mountains of Argentina.
  5. You and your surviving men are to retreat to Ruhr and await orders from Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model.
  6. Thanks mein kind
  7. Heil
  8. Hey Y'all, I decided to join the Tribot army after quitting botting/rs some years back when Perfecticus got sued by fagex. P.S. I hope my name Isn't too offensive.