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  1. Yes, you need to last more than 24 hours when botting F2P, hence you enter into the 25th hour before you can trade.
  2. paulryan1991

    VIP ads?

    What is the advert? If it's about TRiBot and it's human mouse data, then that is normal.
  3. Did you get the account off Tutorial Island? Or were they banned on Tutorial Island? Did run any scripts on the accounts? Don't lie and say you didn't if you did use a script of any kind, otherwise we cannot help you.
  4. 15 hours? You mean 25 right?
  5. Floored logic, when you buy a car, you actually still have to pay to use it, petrol/gas, road tax, MOT's etc.
  6. Thanks! I seem to have skipped the Snippet page with that thread on.
  7. Upgrade to CentOS 6. I had CentOS 5 and couldn't fix the issue, upgraded and all is good.
  8. Hello, Is there a way to listen for the inventory changing? And to get the newly added item(s). Thanks.
  9. Are you buying or selling RS 07 GP : Selling Amount you want to buy/sell : 5m What payment option : PayPal Have you added me on Skype? : Yes
  10. TRiBot currently handles randoms, if the user has the option checked in their settings. You do not need to worry about them when scripting.
  11. User: https://tribot.org/forums/user/214333-origen/ @Origen Skype: jackbean93 This user added my Skype to purchase OSRS Gold, I then asked for his PayPal E-mail so I can check if he is verified, the address he gave me was shown as unverified. He then told me he was in the process of verifying his PayPal, which I then told him I wouldn't trade him until it was verified. He then asked if I would go first, I said I wouldn't unless he can provide some sort of ID to match his PayPal Account Information, he didn't have any. He stated "Not gunna give out to a stranger", which I then replied "Yet you wanted me to give you the gold first? That would be me giving out to a stranger, with no possible way to get it back. You are protected with PayPal, I am not protected for OSRS gold. Anyhow, thanks for your time." He then openly told me it wasn't his PayPal, told me to fuck myself and then blocked me on Skype. Just a warning for anyone out there!
  12. Okay, I know what it was, I re-installed TRiBot and Eclipse, it had to connect to my server to fetch data, I'm an idiot The Imgur is acceptable, as I host an image there. Thanks.
  13. Hello, Just wondering why I get IP's wanting me to allow them to bypass the Firewall. (Switzerland) (USA) (USA) Haven't noted down other ones but will when I see them.
  14. You can't, you have to be a donator of $125 to get a name change (I think). You may be able to convince a moderator to do it, although not likely.
  15. I've read about the family and friends, I have also spoken to PayPal, these payments can be disputed and charged back. If any of those happen, you will possibly be suspended from PayPal as you're not allowed to sell a service/product via the Family/Friends method.
  16. Hello, I am have been selling Gold lately, pretty much daily actually. I am wondering, is it totally out of order to request ID? Obviously not the whole ID, just the name/address (both of which are found on PayPal anyway, so I can verify the user). Thanks.
  17. I've had 8u40 before, it would crash the client after a length of time, that is why I have 8u31 on all machines as that is the only version that would run the client with out and issues, I've been running 8u31 for about 4 weeks and it's worked fine up until the update last night/this morning. Do you have 8u40? As I saw you had an issue with the client too.
  18. Does this problem appear more often, if yes what did you do and what caused the problem? TRiBot loads perfectly on my Windows Machine, but on BOTH of my Linux VPS' when I attempt to open TRiBot, it does absolutely nothing, can't open to debug the issue either as it doesn't open. What kind of java version do you have installed. Java 8u31 64bit (all 3 of my machines run this version of What did you try to fix this yourself? I am unsure of what to do as the loader does not open at all. What kind of OS are you using? CentOS 5 (64bit) & CentOS 6 (64bit) I'm a little annoyed by this untimely issue, I have botting accounts with a lot of money on them which I cannot run/nor swap to my mule account. I will lose out on around 5-6m for every hour this is not fixed.
  19. Report the scammers. I may have 15m to sell later, if you're wanting to buy still? I've sold quite a lot of Gold this week.
  20. You could just use the stopScript() function in the TriBot API. It's deprecated, but it works currently. I use it when my scripts run out of money/items.
  21. Hi Guys, I thought it would be a great idea to setup a system to track my accounts for their bank stocks etc (which I have done). My scripts are built with a send update method in to them, so every time they go to the bank, it will send an update to a PHP file with the accounts relevant bank stock, which then updates the database, which is then read via a Web Page I have created to display the data. It also updates if the accounts hop worlds or do other trivial tasks. It's great because I can check my accounts when I'm on the go, and if an account hasn't been updated within a certain time period, I then know that something is up and to check the client. I am wondering if any of you currently track your accounts as they are botting? Thanks
  22. @chrismoon - It's not me, it's @wanna 69
  23. I'd go with Mutes Interface Explorer, it's impressively good with a sweet search feature that actually works. I've been using it for a while now
  24. You probably try tagging @TRiLeZ properly, it would help
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