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  1. so, he told me to send the 3.5 credits and he will send the bond, and then i'll send him 1m on rs. I tried sending. before I knew it. he started making excuses. "He did not have the bond at all." so I woulda have lost those credits. if I was lucky enough to have a error pop up, "You can not send if not vip and having 100 posts." he was going to cam me and log off on some level 3.
  2. and sorry thought you were someone else lol
  3. they use to be for me, I just found a new 1 before I lost membership acme built in script
  4. bro just get a vpn and assign each tribot that ip
  5. Tittle says it all, message on here or. ingame Pure funlol
  6. i'll drop the bonds/add $1 cause im taking a loss, The rates aren't worth the money i lose. but still .80/m till discounts until the end of month, You still get Bulk discounts.
  7. Use a premium scrip, take breaks. ALWAYS USE ABC. Don't run longer than 3-4 hours at a time.
  8. .80CENT millions Starting from 1m. UNTIL DECEMBER 1st.

    Yes still goes down more you buy.

    100m = .70cent/mil

  9. Remember what they say, people are actually out there to help others and not be greedy. just got to find the right one.
  10. Perfect idea. What ever makes you comfortable. we must both agree upon the person. preferably a mod.
  11. No, you don't understand clearly. i CAN NOT BUY more than like $10-20 in Bitcoins, THEN i don't have to worry about this stuff. i have to wait 60 days until no limit. crazy stupid right,
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