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  1. How much? All supplies i sponsor ofc.
  2. Any way you can make this available for people with less than 43 prayer? There is a safe spot in the dungeons where you dont need 43 prayer.
  3. What is your issue?: Wont go to the correct location What happened exactly?: On my way to the werewolves, when going there my character teles using a camelot tab and walking all the way back until I'm empty of camelot tabs What task were you on?: werewolves What was the status on the paint?: setting up tasks. Who is your slayer master?: Vannakka Bot debug?: ? Client debug?: ? What is your issue?: Wont go to the correct location What happened exactly?: When going to molanisks, my character goes into the RFD room, and clicks outside the room trying to reach the right location(i suppose) What task were you on?: Molanisks. What was the status on the paint?: Setting up task Who is your slayer master?: Vanessa Bot debug?: Client debug?:
  4. Okay, so I got a problem. no scripts are running. Even my premium scripts aint working. None of them are starting, everyone gets their gui up, but upon starting, it stops. I got the client running on 8.0.01JDK as normal. http://gyazo.com/b2be193d6648998008d334a0ae3800a3 this is what comes up in the debug.
  5. The script is not starting.
  6. How much would it cost for a script including: -Deathwalk -Walking and picking up 2 items, walk back and forth from bank -Re-gearing -Avoiding mosters/eating food. Just wondering about how much would it cost?
  7. I got 4 credits to trade 350k each. Credits range from 350k-500k each,
  8. online, still selling
  9. I think VIP works.
  10. still selling
  11. Skype: sondre.nesvold
  12. Also, there should be many more ways to pay for the VIP. Phone payment, Skrill, Paysafecard, ultimate gaming card ETC ETC.