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  1. ExShourov

    Help with starting scripts.

    Ok, so I want to start by training all the cb stats first. Where should I start with botting?
  2. ExShourov

    Help with starting scripts.

    Oh wow, I didn't know that you'd have to buy them separately...
  3. ExShourov

    Help with starting scripts.

    Yes, but I have to buy them in order to get them. But I thought VIP-E would mean I pay $8/mo to use all of them without having to purchase them one by one?
  4. ExShourov

    Help with starting scripts.

    Hi guys, I have recently bought a vip from Tribot. I was just wondering how I can use the scripts because on the VIP it said I have access to unlimited scripts and can run unlimited scripts. However, when I go to run these scripts in the game after loading the Tribot client, I can't find any scripts. Like when I click start script, it just has scripts written, but the list is empty. Could someone please help??? Thank you so much!