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  1. Bought proxies A++ great service!
  2. Well my advice would be to scan your computer with multiple AVs. Malwarebytes and Avast are both decent and will likely spot the same files. In addition to the two mentioned, I'd also suggest installing Emsisoft Online Armor / Emsisoft Anti malware. Really among the best out there. If you're paranoid about your security you could always backup your most important files and reformat your Operating System.
  3. Now of course; it's in the interest of Jagex to "postpone" their bans by just a bit, to keep you purchasing p2p for your goldfarming accounts and fill their coffers up.
  4. Just got banned on an account which I had not been botting on, only trading while using the tribot client. The account had 20m. Speaks for itself imo.
  5. The tribot client is obviously detectable, regardless of what script you use.
  6. He is paying 100m, lol.
  7. Sounds to me like you're sensitive to caffeine, which every preworkout on the market to my knowledge contains large dosages of. In all honesty you don't need a pre workout, I've been off them for a good two months and going still going strong.
  8. The secret to healthily gaining mass, (the more muscle mass the better I take it?) would be to track your macro-nutrients, and go from there to see how much you need to eat a day in order to gain muscle. There are countless of ideologies out there regarding diets, find a carb / Protein / fat split which sounds reasonable to you, and write down the nutrients in everything you consume. A great tool to help you out would be myfitnesspal, you can download it to your phone as well as log in from your computer, and just type in the brand and name of the product you're consuming and it'll automatically count the nutrients in the food. Protip: Stay away from Gainer prodcuts, they're unhealthy, overpriced and useless. You get as many carbs from 2-3 banans as you get from one gainer shake. If you are to purchase a protein supplement, stick to Whey. Best of luck!
  9. I take it you're the same USA as I think you are. If so, you should know how proficient and reliable RiD's autotalker used to be before it was replaced by the chat center, the amount of work had to be done in order to create something similar is probably out of reach for tribot imho.
  10. Post Your Supplement Reviews There are heaps upon heaps of sportsnutrition based supplements available at the shelves, which at times can make you dizzy when you are simply attempting to find a specific supplement to aid you in your health and fitness goals. In order to relieve some stress of your backs I've posted a thread where you can share your opinions on the products you've used. I will not post a form which you can follow, as I believe it will limit the potential of the reviews. Keep it informative, however still readable, and cut off excess information! Product's I've tried Weight Gainers ProteinFabrikken - Big Mass This was the first bodybuilding supplement I purchased, and it seems to be the "begginer's trap" of gainer protein; You get a 3kg tub for around 70 usd, which seems to be a pretty solid deal. Take the serving size into calculation however, and the pricing is more than justified. Each serving is at a much as 125g, from which you'll get around 80g of carbohydrates and just above 30 grams of protein. There are only 24 servings in one massive 3kg tub, which leaves you at a pretty expensive $3 per serving, being their best price / serving for this product. On the bright side however, the protein is among the better tasting powders I've tasted, when mixed properly both with water and milk, and it blends superbly. The Protein is from quality Whey, however the carbohydrates in the powder consists mainly of maltodextrin, a poor quality source of carbohydrates. The fast digesting carbohydrates and protein in this product makes it ideal as a post-workout supplement. As a side note I'd like to add that I would recommend to stay away form gainer products unless you are really struggling to reach your daily carb intake. FitnessPlanet - Super Mass This product is close to a replica of PF's Big Mass, it contains approximately the same amount of carbs and protein per serving, and it has the very same serving size. As a positive for this product, the taste is a bit "lighter" than Big Mass, and some may find it to be easier to chug down than other gainer products. The powder blends brilliantly. The Protein is from quality Whey, however the carbohydrates in the powder consists mainly of maltodextrin, a poor quality source of carbohydrates. The fast digesting carbohydrates and protein in this product makes it ideal as a post-workout supplement. As a side note I'd like to add that I would recommend to stay away form gainer products unless you are really struggling to reach your daily carb intake. SelfOmninutrition - Active Whey Gainer This is by a landslide the best Weight Gainer product I've tried. The price for a 4kg tub is as much as $90, with a serving size of 100g, leaving this product at a price of $2,25 per serving. Each 100g serving contains 62g of carbohydrates and 31g of protein a 2:1 formula, beating the majority of its competitors in terms of macronutrients per gram of powder. In addition to the macronutrients, Active Whey Gainer has an implemented Multi-Vitamin giving you 25% of your RDI of the majority of essential micronutrients per serving. 25% of your recommended RDI of most micronutrient is not a particularly great multivitamin, however it is a rare trait to be found in a gainer product and the product should be credited for it. The taste is a bit too thick for my taste, however it's not foul tasting in any manner, and with the great blendability of the powder it goes down fairly easy. The Protein is from quality Whey, however the carbohydrates in the powder consists mainly of maltodextrin, a poor quality source of carbohydrates. The fast digesting carbohydrates and protein in this product makes it ideal as a post-workout supplement. As a side note I'd like to add that I would recommend to stay away form gainer products unless you are really struggling to reach your daily carb intake. Whey Protein Source Nutrition - 100% Pure Whey Protein This is a Whey Concentrate product, Granting you 43g of protein, 6,3g of carbs and close to 5g of fat per 60g serving. If I remember correctly I got one 3kg tub for $80 usd, equating to a fairly low cost of $1,6 per serving. The contents of the tub is fairly pure, however you will find that it contains a bit more fat and carbohydrates than the regular whey protein concentrate. In addition to this the powder is extremely translucent, and upon removing the lid, a strong dash of mincronized powder flushes towards your face and spreads across the room. A real turnoff about this product is the blending; It simply will. Not. Blend. Upon mixing this powder with water, around 60-70% of the liquid will turn into a foamy texture and will be difficult to drink, and you may have to wait for 30 minutes before the entire mix has finally turned to liquid. If nothing else the taste is pretty good. Creatine ProteinFabrikken - Creatine Monohydrate As far as the product goes, it's as good as any other clean 100% micronized creatine powder on the shelves. It mixes very well, and I never bump into any issues while blending the product with 200ml water or orange juice. Creatine is dirt cheap, and PF's creatine is no exception. 1/2kg costed me as little as $25, and will last me 100 days leaving the price per serving at $0.25 per serving. The product has no sweetener, which for my part is perfect, and it is pretty easy to drink. Some people are going to prefer to shot creatine directly into your mouth, running it down with water, however I find shaking it with a shaker to be the best way of getting it down my throat. My strength has probably been altered slightly by creatine, and it may cause me to lift just a notch heavier / restore quicker, but I have not seen the dramatic effects which some people advertise creatine to do. I have not gained a very noticeable mass increase after supplementing with 5g creatine a day over a pretty long period of time, however I believe there is a slight increase in mass and strength caused by my supplementation. With the price taken into consideration, creatine monohydrate is worth the (if only extremely vague) benefits and advantages in the long run, however there are definitely better ways of spending your 20 dollar bill. If you do decide to purchase creatine, make sure to increase your water consumption significantly for maximum results. Glutamine SelfOmninutrition - Real 100% Glutamine Alike the majority of supplements advertised in the bodybuilding community, Glutamine is claimed to have heaps of benefits to the average bodybuilder / athlete. Among this includes; Boosts muscular anabolic effect, reduces recovery time, and strengthening of joints. The social proof however, states the opposite; That glutamine is good for nothing except for emptying your wallet. I got a 500g tub of Real 100% Glutamine (L glutamine for reference), for the fairly stiff price of 60 bucks. Each advertised serving is 3g, making the price per serving fairly inexpensive at $0.36. Personally, I did not notice any benefits when I hopped off glutamine, not to say that there were abseloutely zero improvements, as it may have slightly altered my joint strength and my recovery time in a positive nodge, however not to a degree where it was noticable. As a conclusion, I did pretty much waste 60 dollars on a product which did not grant me any noticable benefits, and I would not advice others to make the same mistake as I did. In other words, stay away from glutamine! Preworkout Supplements StarNutrition - Creatine Complete Extreme MultiVitamins Collet - Vitamin Bears ControlledLabs - Orange Triad Healthy Fats Möllers - Tran Tran (Branded in the US as Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil) is an ancient traditional omega 3 supplement which, contrary to the vast majority of fish oil products, is manufactured naturally from the liver of cod within 24 hours of being fished from the sea. The original process of producing the oils from the liver of the fish allows for a significantly more concentrated and natural product than you'd get from a regular supplement. In opposition to the best seller Optimum Fish Oil product which contains 300mg of omega3 fatty acids per serving, a tablespoon of Tran (15ml) offers as much as 3,6g of Omega3 acids. (The serving size of the two products are fairly similar, One tbsp of Tran barely peaking above Optimum.) In addition to this, you will also get as much as 750µg of Vitamin A (93%), 30µg of Vitamin D (600%) and 30mg of Vitamin E(249%) per serving of Tran, something you will not find in other fish oils. Still writing a few more reviews, keep an eye up for updates
  11. Why does no one at this forum list the amount of cores their servers have to offer...?
  12. Mechmeret's Hosting Solutions I realize that my prices may not go hand in hand with the market places at this forum (even though they are estiamtely half the price of mainstream VPS prices) If my prices are far more expensive than the market, please do tell me and I will adjust my prices accordingly. Thanks! What is it exactly you are hosting? I will upon request set up a virtual computer on which you can do as you please, as long as it goes hand-in-hand with national and international law. Renting a VPS (Virtual Private Server) at my record low prices will allow you to maximize your (for instance) bot farming profits without having to spend hours a day maintaining a computer of your own. How can I connect to my server? I offer a small variety of quality options which may be used to connect to my servers. If you are not able to use any of the listed features, take contact and I will look into any potential alternatives. Teamviewer Connect securely and lag-free by using Teamviewers encrypted connection. You can specify your personal password which can be used to connect to my server. Click HEREto download teamviewer. Remote Desktop Connection Only applies to Windows to Windows connections. RDC is a preinstalled software at all windows operating systems which will allow you to connect directly to the server. Depending on your location, some clients may experience a few instances of lag during the connection. I do not offer VNC as an alternative to connect to my servers, I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Ip adresses Every server has a dedicated IP, which is restricted to the individual server in order to offer the best all-around security. The IP is included in the price. Solutions Budget Solution RAM 512MB GuaranteedCPU 1VCPU GuaranteedDATA Unlimited Price/Week $5Price/Month $15 Economy Solution RAM 1024MB GuaranteedCPU 1VCPU GuaranteedDATAUnlimited Price/Week $8Price/Month $25 Regular Solution RAM 2048MB GuaranteedCPU 2VCPU GuaranteedDATA Unlimited Price/Week $15Price/Month $40 Quality Solution RAM 4096MB GuaranteedCPU 3VCPU GuaranteedDATA Unlimited Price/Week $20Price/Month $70 Executive Quality Solution RAM 8192mb GuaranteedCPU 4VCPU GuaranteedDATA Unlimited Price/Week $35Price/Month $90 Custom Solution Max RAM 32GBMax CPU 9VCPU Price will be adjusted to offer. Operating Systems Windows 7 Ultimate Price No Fee Linux Ubuntu Price $5/Month Payment Options All payments will be done up-front, or after a 24 hour trial. I will compensate for any (unlikely) downtime. 1. Paypal Applies to trusted individuals only 2. Moneypak $5 fee 3. Moneybookers (Skrill) This service will be available within the following week, any pre-orders will get a 5% LIFETIME discount on all solutions. Any pre-orders on services equaling to $15 or more will get a 10% LIFETIME discount. Post below in order to reserve a pre-ordered slot.
  13. Auto-talkers can be manipulated and tricked in order to prove that you bot. Not speaking is by no means proof that you bot, unless spoken to by a moderator and not replying in a non-afk environment.
  14. Thanks It's not unlikely that you've seen my name if you have been roaming the RiD Forums or Sythe