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  1. adog


    any liking https://ibb.co/mg5Q8R
  2. adog


    ayoe mod
  3. adog


    Was thinking good merch or good afk money 1 def 15 pray.
  4. adog

    First ban

    feelsbadman but new bot run and new account in max.
  5. So, i been thinking all scripters who have finished or good working script would need fuckin* Awsum script paint on their script and users would love use em too because of it! Professional script paint worker here is now avaible with a good price to make em all! 3M OSRS GP ONLY FOR 24HOUR!
  6. adog

    Looking Glass?

    thanks for this, ill gonna use this if works with osbuddy, but one question more. " if u play with same time osbuddy with that account u dont wanna get banned and bot same time with looking glass" and you getting banned for macro, do you get the other account banned too ?
  7. Need some special updates like in the moving and picking items and move more in the higher risk area in east to get dharok drops or etc, higher value items. ps. bought 2 day vip just and started script after 2 hours checked got B ring in inv thanks for script easy bond made back in total of 5 hours. https://gyazo.com/c8bbcb1f7f080257a09d43090150a220
  8. skype: adog designs.
  9. would need the credits for 2 day trial vip, wanna see few scripts, if want to start some farming. I was wondering some one saying selling via paypal but they don't sell but say? would be appreciated if this going fast and now. 26hour not slept. want to bot run over night to see results.
  10. i got pictures in attachments and i can't remove them how ever i try and they added in my thread post all time, how to remove em totaly off the site? thanks.
  11. adog

    Pure Question

    https://gyazo.com/9be14e80dc449e8910f7f86987d766a4 Stats and question is there better xp than flesh crawlers with 1 defence? these are 25k/hour xp with potions on all time. and i'm going take 13 prayer to this pure, so it helps any new spots? Xp/hours wanting know and what you would do with this pure it should be now fully quested expect the diaryes etc, tell me do i need them to gain something cosmetic or armor what helps pure in PK. and last thing, can you people tell me all ITEMS in bh / pk with this account like how the bank should look like? Pics and storyes would be great.
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