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  1. xjokurx

    Derek Banas Java tutorial help

    Before viewing the Derek Banas java tutorials I read the book "Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies 3rd Edition 2012". This book offers a very simplistic view of basic development concepts and techniques with Java which carries onto Derek Banas's tutorial quite well as a perfect extension. Before viewing his tutorials I had a rudimentary understanding to everything he talked about. One thing I would advise you to do is not power drill through Java, before going onto new concepts its important that you fully understand the prior one.
  2. xjokurx

    Personal Info? [VPS]

    Contact whatever website is displaying it and they'll remove it. I've done this to my name + address on whitepages
  3. xjokurx

    keep getting banned on new accounts

    Have you tried using a new browser(everything cleared cookies,cache,etc) / new computer? To make the accounts?
  4. xjokurx

    Personal Info? [VPS]

    I don't and I also use bitcon vps providers so the payment is also completely anonymous. I wouldn't trust giving my personal data out to the majority of companies because data leakage is quite common especially among VPS providers.