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  1. Before viewing the Derek Banas java tutorials I read the book "Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies 3rd Edition 2012". This book offers a very simplistic view of basic development concepts and techniques with Java which carries onto Derek Banas's tutorial quite well as a perfect extension. Before viewing his tutorials I had a rudimentary understanding to everything he talked about. One thing I would advise you to do is not power drill through Java, before going onto new concepts its important that you fully understand the prior one.
  2. Contact whatever website is displaying it and they'll remove it. I've done this to my name + address on whitepages
  3. Have you tried using a new browser(everything cleared cookies,cache,etc) / new computer? To make the accounts?
  4. I don't and I also use bitcon vps providers so the payment is also completely anonymous. I wouldn't trust giving my personal data out to the majority of companies because data leakage is quite common especially among VPS providers.
  5. Rick and Mortty is a good tv show that has lots of intellectual writing