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  1. Hey community, I am looking for some help in regards to getting proxy use to work correctly with TRiBot. I understand how to use the proxy alongside the TRiBot client, although the main issue arises when I am actually creating the account. Now, I have been following some tutorials on how to set up accounts with a proxy. (Creating the account on the same proxy IP address, etc.) I got to the point of installing Maxthon (apparently the only browser that supports the use of SOCKS5 proxies?) I have configured everything correctly on the web browser, conducted an IP lookup, which all checked out. (it showed my proxy IP being used.) Now, however, I can access regular websites, even oldschool.runescape.com, but when I go to "Create a new account" the webpage always fails to load. I have tried going onto RS3's homepage and creating an account on that part of the website, but to no avail it didn't work. So, I said screw it, created an account with my regular IP, logged into the account, completed tutorial island, bought a bond, logged out, tried to log into a members world and received the "Your account has been locked" for suspicion of being stolen... I can't recover the account as I don't use real e-mail addresses. Any help on how to get the proxy to work on Maxthon to create the accounts? TL;DR: I can't create an account with a SOCKS5 proxy, and it locks my account if I create it on a home IP, and then use a SOCKS5 proxy on the TRiBot client.
  2. I wish I could, unfortunately it was a 10 minute mail randomly generated one, I don't think I can get it back, not to mention I already deleted the information. Oh well, I don't mind taking a small hit.
  3. That's exactly the problem I was having because I was creating the account on my regular home IP address, and then logging in from "a different" location. So, I guess Jagex just assumes that the account was hijacked.
  4. @Tanged hooked it up, he helped me resolve the problem. I guess I had a bad version of Maxthon. Thank you so much!
  5. I'm not sure if you understand my question, I have the proxy working with the client, I just can't create an account under the proxy address because the Web page doesn't want to load when under that proxy ip.
  6. Best bot: That's up to the user to decide, do some research on different fighters and decide yourself. Chance of ban: Depends on your play style. If you want to "minimize" your chances of getting a ban-hammer, don't bot anything longer than you would legitimately play yourself. F2P: It's speculated that F2P bans happen faster. Whether or not that is true, I can't say. Many community members suggests that you do have a higher chance of catching a ban on F2P.
  7. Delayed bans, be expecting them on the other 2 in the near future. It's Jagex's way of not letting you know what "pattern" got you banned, I guess.
  8. Service Needed - Karamja diary (easy)Your Skype- Mintpez.usmcHave you added my skype (live:teamtrustaio) or (live:tmbgp) - YesAre you willing to go first- YesDo you Agree to the TOS - YesAny Notes - Leveling requirements must be completed too.
  9. Completed two quests for an account of mine, quick, professional, awesome to work with. Kept me updated on the status of the accounts. Much appreciated!
  10. Thank you for this awesome script. @erickho123 This is the first bot that has actually allowed me to profit from botting. This is after 3 days of purchasing your script on ONE account. Already made back what I paid for this script, and for VIP. <3